Games you feel are underrated!


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Since we don't have this topic, I was encouraged in the shoutbox to make one so here go.

Games I find underrated, in my opinion....

Ecco the Dolphin 1, 2 and Defender of the Future.

I feel it needs to be brought back. Every sequel was canceled, Tides Of Time literally gives you a Screw you ending because its sequel was canceled. I found this out when visiting Caverns of Hope. It literally has an ending password that doesn't work because it was for the sequel. Defender of the Future also had a sequel that got canceled as well.

These may be just a guess, I can't be sure how many people do play or have played these games. I feel like it could use an HD Remake or Reboot.

Monster Rancher 1 and 2

What are your thoughts on this? And what games do you find underrated?


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Ecco the Dolphin on Game Gear
Tomba (Ps1)
Tomba 2 (Ps1)
Frogger: He's back
Virtually the entire Dreamcast console and game library


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Baten Kaitos
Eternal Darkness
Perfect Dark
Shining Resonance
Star Ocean The Last Hope
Sonic Colors DS