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Apr 6, 2004
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  1. No Spamming
    All spam will be deleted and you will be warned or suspended for it if you continue. Spam includes:
    • One Word Posting - This is only allowed in the games forum and occasionally in The Dump.
    • Any random images not related to the discussion in the topic.
  2. Kid friendly posts
    Most of the members here range from the ages of 8-16. Therefore, we ask you to keep your posts kid friendly. That simply means don't say or post anything that you think a mother would want to see her child reading or would get in trouble for. This includes status updates and usernames.

    Remarks from any of the following will NOT be tolerated: (immediate week suspension, or permaban, for any of these via forums, PM, or discord)
    Sexist, racist, targeting, harassment of one's religion or orientation, homophobic, rape, pedophilia, and phrases such as "kill yourself" or "you're retarded".

    Because of a few certain remarks mentioned above, we do not want to see any legal matters so a ban from either the forum, status updates, shoutbox, and/or PMs will happen if anyone is found doing this.

  3. Personal Message System
    If any member finds any sort of abuse with the pm system, please pm an admin. We will take care of it. This includes any of rule #2 posts.

  4. Signatures Size Limit
    Signature images should exceed no more than the size of an 600x200 image. A maximum of 2 images in your signature. Everything else needs to be in spoilers.

  5. Multiple Accounts
    Having more than one account is prohibited (unless you can prove it's a relative/friend with specific instructions). Both accounts will be permanently banned if this happens. This includes impersonating any user on Discord or on SBM.

  6. SBM Chat (Discord)
    All of SBM forum rules apply to the official chatroom on Discord. Anyone found to break any rules will be appropriately punished.

  7. Staff has the right to edit and/or delete comments or posts at anytime.
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