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Show News First image of Kamp Koral


Squidward Tortellini
Apr 7, 2004
Planet Vegeta

Nickelodeon released a first look image of its upcoming “SpongeBob SquarePants” prequel, “Kamp Koral: SpongeBob’s Under Years,” set to premiere in 2021. The series will debut exclusively on the newly rebranded Paramount Plus streaming service and air on Nickelodeon later in the year.

“Kamp Koral” is a CG-animated series which introduces viewers to a 10-year-old SpongeBob at a sleepaway camp. SpongeBob meets Patrick, Sandy, Squidward, Plankton and Mr. Krabs, and the new friends spend the summer building underwater campfires, catching wild jellyfish and swimming in Lake Yuckymuck at the craziest camp in the kelp forest.

The voice cast of Tom Kenny (SpongeBob), Bill Fagerbakke (Patrick), Rodger Bumpass (Squidward), Clancy Brown (Mr. Krabs), Carolyn Lawrence (Sandy) and Mr. Lawrence (Plankton) reprise their roles in the 13-episode series. They are joined by Carlos Alazraqui and Kate Higgins who will voice new characters Nobby and Narlene, narwhal siblings who live in the woods surrounding the camp.

Marc Ceccarelli, Vincent Waller and Jennie Monica executive produce the spin-off series. The production is overseen by Kelley Gardner, vice president of current series animation at Nickelodeon.


Gary the Snail Supremacist
Apr 23, 2016
Far Away
Is it just me or does this image look...unfinished? It seems like it's missing textures or something. Also I can't tell if Mr. Krabs is supposed to be an adult here or not (I mean based on the show he would be an adult but this entire spin-off is retconning some major things anyway so...)