Favorite Music Genres/Subgenres?

I don't think I've seen a topic about this in a long time...

What's your favorite genres and subgenres of music? For me, I get a kick out of Psychedelic music (Psychdelic Rock in particular), I enjoy some regular Pop music, and for electronic, I love Ambient/Downtempo, plus Drum and Bass, and the extreme Breakcore.

also not gonna lie I love emo music thanks to hearing it a lot while growing up


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I enjoy a lot of songs from the 70s to 90s. I also love electronic music by a DJ but not the remix version of other songs.


RtU - Renegade the Unicorn said:
avant-garde, outsider,
uh, you do realize those aren't even real genres, right?

anyway, uh, at the moment
  • breakbeat hardcore (in particular the suburban base / early xl recordings styles)
  • drum and bass/jungle (as well as jazzstep, jump up, the liquid forms, yada yada yada BREAKS!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  • electroclash (and i'm not talking "pop songs that have a female lead and deep electro basslines (as i have literally seen it used almost every time it's been used). to some extent electro house too, but only the stuff produced before pop music found it and perceived it as EDM's entire bag. i hate to be that guy but there's no discussion when i say it kinda ruined the mass consciousness of electronica)
  • oh speaking of house! acid house (i swear to god this stuff's consistency is amazing)
  • ambient house (and ambient techno, too, i can't tell the differences between them honestly)
  • chicago house (and deep house too, occasionally)
  • french house (those nice french people!)
  • funky house (essentially non-french french house)
  • garage house/uk garage/2-step/speed garage (shut up ishkur :^) )
  • ghetto house/tech (seriously, you need to listen to that follow the sound mix i linked to before, some life-changing stuff)
  • detroit techno (it always bangs, yet to find a bad tune)
  • trip hop
  • nu-jazz
anyway, there's more i could point out but i'm kinda in a hurry

edit: how did i forget about turntablism??????


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I'm a fan of different types of jazz and rock. (Partially thanks to SpongeBob)


-psychedelic rock
-progressive rock
-stoner rock
-post-punk revival
-psychedelic pop
-hard rock
-garage rock
-new wave
-punk (kind of? but not really)

There's also a few genres I'm curious about and want to listen to, but I'm too lazy and not really adventurous. :(


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I guess pop and rock (to an extent) are two obvious ones, but any genre that can be relaxing definitely fits with my tastes (especially death metal).

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I always fluctuate between rock (and its subgenres), rap, and EDM.

Right now, it's EDM, my favorite genres being:
Dubstep, Glitch Hop, Trap, Future Bass, Complextro, Uplifting Trance, Bass House, Future House, Progressive House, Riddim Dubstep, Melodic Dubstep, Brostep, Festival Trap, Big Room, Electro, Synthpop, Jumpstyle, Drumstep, Liquid Dnb, Liquid Dubstep, Chiptune, Hardstyle, Breaks, Neurofunk, Metalstep, Hybrid, Vaporwave, Electro Swing, and Ambient.

I'm stuck in a rut. Help me...


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Alternative hard rock/metal, but still like listening to mainstream pop, EDM and hip-hop stuff sometimes


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Hard rock, progressive rock, heavy metal (occasionally), jazz, funk, R&B, contemporary gospel, and a little bit of pop.


totally coral
-Pop (including indie pop, alternative pop, synthpop, and K-pop)
-Rock (including alternative, indie, and some classic rap)
-Rap and hip-hop
-I also listen to some R&B and funk