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Obviously I know you're going to say "I was a Teenage Gary" being rumored as having a longer version with Squidward transforming into a snail, but what are some other episodes that people remember differently?

Some episodes I remember differently:

Tree at the Treedome: the scene of SpongeBob saying "I don't need it, I don't need it, I definitely don't need it" used to be slightly longer and more intense, with an even more disturbing close up of SpongeBob, before he yells "I NEEEED IT!!!

Texas: The part where the music notes got tangled around Patrick, the bars used to be grey, and they later changed to clear on later airings.

I'm With Stupid: I remember there being a couple of seconds of dialog between the fake parents that was only shown the first or second time, where the fake mom asked "but where is our real child?" before the fake dad answered back "Oh, that's right, we don't have a son!".

Christmas Who: Ending with the narrator saying "...and have yourself a Merry Christmas" instead of "...and have yourself a Happy Holiday".

Valentines Day: Episode used to be paired up with "F. U. N.", but is now paired up with "The Paper".

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As someone who has had more than a few false memories about I Was a Teenage Gary, including forgetting the opening scene where Spongebob is playing fetch with Gary, thinking that Squidward hid the snail food in his stomach rather than in his head, and thinking that the same music played all the way from the scene where Spongebob walked to the bathroom to the scene where he actually started transforming, I never once thought that there was an extra scene of Squidward transforming into a snail.



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Wha, that line of dialogue isn’t in I’m With Stupid? That must have been edited out for some reason. Something that comes close to this is how I remember Whale of a Birthday being a Season 3 episode, but not only that, I don’t recall it being paired with Karate Island

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Other than mishearing some lines, I remember all the episodes pretty vividly prior to season 8.


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I used to think the "knew this guy who knew this guy..." line was from Missing Identity for some reason. I also used to think the scene from Can You Spare a Dime where Squidward is begging for money on the streets was from Artist Unknown.