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Episodes originally meant for season 3 rumor


Moby Dollar
Feb 13, 2019
So as many of you all know, there is a rumor that some people believe stating that these season 4 episodes were originally written for season 3 and did not air until later, the following episodes are believed to be written for season 3 are The Lost Mattress, Good Neighbors, Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy VI: The Motion Picture, Patrick Smartpants, Krusty Towers, and Whale Of A Birthday. Now while these episodes do feel like season 3 episodes, this rumor that those episodes being written for season 3 are false as they were written by people who began working on the show after the first movie, and from what I've heard, Vincent Waller confirmed in a tweet that these episodes were in fact written for season 4 and not season 3. Could anyone please provide some information as to who or where this rumor started from, along with a link or screenshot showing Vincent Waller confirming this to be a false rumor so we can let the people who do believe know or something?