The Patrick Star Show Episodes 6a, 6b, and 4 of The Patrick Star Show Revealed!


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Aug 14, 2021
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According to the SpongeBob Wiki, confirmed 6a and 6b for The Patrick Star Show. Since Digiguide is a British site its possible these episodes will premiere in the UK and Ireland first. These will possibly be premiering along with the new Halloween special. The airdates have not been revealed yet.
The titles are "Gas Station Vacation" and "Bunny the Barbarian", which are very interesting titles.....:jazz2:

6a "Gas Station Vacation": The Star Family heads to their favorite resort. (Which is likely a gas station)
6b "Bunny the Barbarian": Bunny goes on a mid-day adventure to a forgotten age.

Gas Station Vacation kinda has a little summer effect to it Bunny the Barbarian might remind ya'll of Dunce And Dragons

The episodes on ESB:
Screenshot 2021-10-07 9.54.21 AM.png

NEW: Episode 4, "The Yard Sale", has been revealed on too! according to ESB. The title card and air date has not been revealed yet.

In this episode, GrandPat prevents his precious memories from being sold at a family yard sale. The episode is a special episode!

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