Dunkan TV and the TV Infection: a story by MMM circa 2011


May 25, 2013
so I found this
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Mr, Vartino lives in an Arizona neighborhood. He has 2 kids, Evo Evo and Dunkan TV. He thinks Dunkan TV is EXCRUCIATING since the only thing he does is watch TV$. One day Mr. Vartino kicks Dunkan TV out of the house. But Dunkan TV has a secret key and opens the door. Mr. Vartino is FURIOUS!!!! He takes away Dunkan's key and TV, collection. Soon Mr. Vartino calls his nerdy friends (Psycho, Jonesmith, AONP, Sock and Dlandbin) to "come and get. the little TV out of the house.". 20 minutes they get to Mr. Vartino's. They a get hypnotizer and AONP hypnotizes Dunkan. After he completely falls asleep everybody (except for Evo Evo, whos had too big of hands) carried Dunkan off on a stretcher They carried him all the way to a cactus (who just happened to be named Cactus). So Mr. Vartino told Cactus a bout Dunkan's TV problems, and then he told Cactus to stick one of his needles and STAB him. So Cactus did just that. But he used his special needle (his forget about TV for 2 hours needle) So Dunkan went away, did other stuff for 2 hours, and came back. Mr. Vartino was just glad that Dunkan did something other than watch TV. But Mr. Vartino changed his mind about TV and joined with Dunkan to watch cartoons.