Downtime and More


Abney=last name
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Since around 8:30PM EST yesterday Friday and on through Saturday, we've been down. We apologize for all the downtime, and we are happy to say that we should be up and running smoothly now.
Yesterday there was an issue with the database that caused the MySQL processes to increase beyond their limits. This issue has now been resolved.

Now, onto the good stuff.
Because of the downtime, we've got some presents for you guys.

-There's a new forum skin. Sandy. Check for the little
icon in the top right of the skin next to "View New Content"
-Also, the HD screenshots from License to Milkshake and Squid Baby are on the site now.
-Third, all VIP memberships on the forums will be 5,000 doubloons until the end of this month.

Hopefully this amount of unscheduled downtime won't happen again. We appreciate your understanding.


Squidward Tortellini
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Love the color scheme. Also the picture of sandy's fur on Patrick's head is epic. Makes the skin even more awesome-er.


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Sure, I had to pay 10,000 Doubloons for doing it early, but anyone can now for 5,000. Hmmph.


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The Sandy skin is nice... But it doesn't make up for a WHOLE DAY of down time! :bullshrimp:

But the new bullshrimp icon does... Welcome back SBM!


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We owe you a big apology for the intermittent service outages we experienced on September 10 that may have impacted your website, your email and other Go Daddy services.

We let you down and we know it. We take our responsibilities — and the trust you place in us — very seriously. I cannot express how sorry I am to those of you who were inconvenienced.

The service outage was due to a series of internal network events that corrupted router data tables. Once the issues were identified, we took corrective actions to restore services for our customers and We have implemented a series of immediate measures to fix the problem.

At no time was any sensitive customer information, including credit card data, passwords or names and addresses, compromised.

Throughout our history, we have provided 99.999% uptime in our DNS infrastructure. This is the level of performance we expect from ourselves. Monday, we fell short of these expectations. We have learned from this event and will use it to drive improvement in our services.


Scott Wagner


Abney=last name
Staff member
Godaddy outage had nothing to do with our downtime.
We only purchase our domain through them. Our downtime on the 8th had nothing to do with that, and we also experienced no downtime on the 10th because we don't use Godaddy's nameservers and we are not hosted with them.
Confusing everyone spongey :p