Does any SpongeBob fan remembered Is it better than


Balloon Traveler
Oct 25, 2017
This is This is my video website I grew up with since 2008.

In 2008, when I was 7, my family and I have the first computer. When it comes to videos. I started watching in 2008 to watch Tom and Jerry; and SpongeBob SquarePants. Then I discovered while searching a full video of a SpongeBob episode.

In; I personally watched most SpongeBob videos there. My personal favorite is the Best Day Ever music video (in full version while its background is the Best Day Ever episode). This website I grew up with is safe away from the confiscating hands of Viacom (the greedy company that we hate the most).

In the beginning of the 2010, shut down due to the popularity of YouTube. Since Google bought YouTube in the early 2010s, the videos from in your Google search page no longer exists, leaving only video results from, and Seriously guys, I really miss my childhood video website.

Unlike, YouTube has many issues as it was being sued by Viacom for copyright and trademark infringement. Everytime I watch my favorite videos involving SpongeBob (e.g. Lego-made, criticisms, memes (especially Portrayed by SpongeBob), full songs), some (especially my favorites) were deleted or blocked by Viacom. That damn company did the same issue to their website. How? When I go to my favorite website and the main, the full episodes that I desired to watch is blocked by Viacom in my home country because both main websites only caters American viewers. That company's a selfish prick. Unlike the SB videos in YT, the videos were almost perfect, especially the Best Day Ever music video. Now, in YT, that said video from no longer exists, even the other version of the latter (which is the background involving episodes from the 1st 3 seasons). Aside from that, other YT videos, like the Lego-made full KKTV episode by Grayson Crockett and Precure Portayed by SpongeBob created by trash haven, were deleted by Viacom. And Viacom is driving on my ::dolphin noise:: nerves!

So in conclusion, is way better than In case you remembered, we will be greatly missed.


Squidward Tortellini
Apr 7, 2004
Planet Vegeta
I remember but didn't frequent it much. I also didn't frequent youtube much and still don't to this day (unless I'm just watching AVGN).