Do you wear glasses?

Well, DO YA?!

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I don't wear glasses, but everyone else in my family has them, which is a bit strange. I'm the one with great eyesight, but most other family members can't see anything without their glasses.


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Yes, but I don't wear them all the time. I mostly use them when I'm reading, studying or using the computer.


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Not regular ones, no. Although I've owned a fake pair as part of some SpongeBob outfit I made for myself, before sadly losing them...


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i used to from preschool until last year but it was not a vision thing i have 20/20 vision it was to correct my lazy eye :haylp: which my eye doctor says is corrected but a lot of times i still feel my eyes go wonky :planet:


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My parents have reading glasses, but I'm the only one in the family who needs them for seeing as well. I don't like the idea of sticking contacts in and out of my eyes, plus I actually like wearing glasses :p


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Yes, since fourth grade. Everyone in my family has them but I have perhaps the most nearsighted vision.


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yes, and i need to wear them all the time since i have the worst eyesight ever.


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I've worn them since fifth grade. Cliche scenario= I realized I couldn't see the board very well. They make me look older, so I don't mind them.


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Nope, never had to wear glasses. I think they look nice though. Some of my friends wear glasses and when they take them off they look so weird without them.