Do you think that the first movie is a satisfying ending for the series?

We all know that the movie takes place at the end of the almost nonexistent timeline. But do you think it is a good ending? I've only ever heard people say yes, but I disagree. Plankton trying to take over the world and then going to prison doesn't really fit as an ending for a show like SpongeBob, especially now. Maybe it fit okay back in the days of Seasons 1-3, but now there has been enough interaction between the two to see clearly that SpongeBob tends to view Plankton as a misguided friend rather than someone evil. It doesn't feel right that he would be content with Plankton going to prison forever and would just give up on trying to reform him. I also feel like Squidward and SpongeBob's relationship deserves some sort of closure, as SpongeBob has been able to bring out a happier side of him several times but it never had any lasting impact. I'm not saying the movie shouldn't have happened the way it did, but I feel like there should be some sort of epilogue that isn't just "SpongeBob works a lot more now for an extra nickel, isn't that hilarious?"

Canned Bread

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Yeah, It would've been a pretty good ending, seeing that it does end on a happy note, with spongebob getting the new manager badge. However, I think they could have used the pirates differently. They should have used Patchy, seeing that he is a pirate and one that has appeared before. Not saying I did'nt like those segments, just saying they could've done it better.

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I'm going to echo your take and say I wouldn't consider it a great ending simply because of how out of character spongebob and plankton were in the film. The second movie is much more in character with the characters.