Do you think Nick will get better in the next decade?


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I hope things will change with Nickelodeon

The new decade is the perfect opportunity to start over fresh

But they MUST be willing to give things not named SpongeBob SquarePants a chance before any recovery progress can be made!

I have hope they will eventually find their "Next Big Thing"

For now keep SpongeBob around until it absolutely HAS to be put out to pasture


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I hope the Star Trek Nicktoon that they make at the Nickelodeon Animation Studio becomes Nickelodeon's next big cash cow. Star Trek is up there with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and SpongeBob SquarePants in terms of popularity. Cable TV, satellite TV and streaming box subscribers who happen to be Trekkies or Trekkies with children would want to tune in. It could happen with the possible second merger/reunion between CBS and Viacom.


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I think Nickelodeon has to do a complete change before they will get better. The biggest thing is that Nickelodeon is on a dying platform (cable television) and it needs to become a streaming service. That alone will be something that we will see in the 2020s: the death of cable television.

And I totally agree about not relying on SpongeBob nearly as much. Yes, SpongeBob is great, but the show can't hold the network alone. Give the other shows a chance.


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Nickelodeon as a network is not going to make it to January 1st 2030, but Nickelodeon as a brand may prosper. They just need to play their cards right better in terms of distribution than they did this decade. I don’t think that’ll solve the issues they’ve had with holding back creators (which was fine in the 90s after all the John K drama, but is now just abusive), or with squeezing every penny they can out of SpongeBob (it’s still got at least another 2 decades worth of milk in its udders). But if they want people to watch their shows, old and new, they have to think more about the internet, and less about cable television.