Do memes play a role in SpongeBob's continuing dominance?


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I think a big thing helping to keep this show alive are memes

People tweet and re-tweet SBSP memes which keeps the series in the spotlight

But...I wonder if when Spongebob Squarepants eventually ends, will people still be making memes as a way to keep it alive in the hearts of the fans?

My other question is:

Would SpongeBob still be as relevant without memes?

What do you guys think?

Thanks in advance!
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If SpongeBob ends, I do think people will still make memes. This show has so many memes, it's still going to be relevant when/if it ends.


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At this point, memes are an essential part of the show’s popularity and influence on younger generations. If SpongeBob eventually ends, internet dwellers will still literally have thousands of jokes to spread, remix and recontextualise. I don’t think the memes are going to die while SpongeBob’s still on the air, because its continued existence will remind people of why they love it- the comedy.

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Yeah, If the show didn't have that huge bulk of media influence, it wouldn't have the same relevance as it does today.


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If it ever ends (cause all shows will end one day), Nick would keep the show alive by showing reruns cause they can't afford to lose SpongeBob unless they manage to make a another popular enough show like how the Loud House replaced FOP (even though I hate the Loud House).