Cosmodore Ranking Questions


Sep 20, 2019
County Carlow Ireland
I am a big fan of Cosmodore's ranking videos on Spongebob and today I had a binge but I got curious. If I had one complaint and this just be me being stupid I find it hard to know which episodes he considers good bad and mediocre, let me explain. In his Season 1 -3 Ranking he ranks My Pretty Seahorse at about number 91 he says "Thanks to this episode we got a yoshi clone in BFBB on the GBA, thats reason enough to like it" then around number 85 I think he says about the episode Jellyfishing. "The montage of them catching the Jellyfish is fun but its just a very mediocre episode otherwise. I get more confused in his big season 1 - 10 ranking on his second channel. Episodes I thought he liked like Best Frenemies and Karate Island under episodes I thought he didn't like like Dumped and Pressure, this could just be me being stupid but I am confused on what is the good to bad to mediocre ratio. Also I feel some episodes he was pretty positive towards like All That Glitters and Squidtastic Voyage around episodes like Suds and Pickles which once again I thought he didn't really care for. I am confused so if anyone can clear this up please do. I really love his content I would just love it a weency bit more if I understood it better. Here's the link to his second channel BTW where all the rankings are.