Coconut Cream Pie in SpongeBob Episodes


Goodbye Krabby Patty's #1 Fan
Nov 4, 2020
The Doodle Dimension
Coconut Cream Pie may seem like just a regular "modern" SpongeBob soundtrack, but there is something unusual with the episodes it played in.

The episodes (from the SpongeBob wiki):
But what's interesting about the episodes is that all the episodes that played before the movie (up to Little Yellow Book) are either bad or meh and all the episodes that played after the movie (from What's Eating Patrick onward) are meh or good, with the sole exception of Jolly Lodgers. While opinions may vary on some episodes, it still is interesting to see how a notorious track that played in some of the worst episodes eventually made its way to playing in the better episodes of Seasons 9-12.