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Celebrating 2 Years on SBM


Facing the BSOD
Jun 26, 2015
In a vat full of eggplants
Howdy, y'all! I cannot believe that I spent 2 full years on a SpongeBob fansite. Throughout the 2 years, my posts have been cringy and immature at first, but eventually became well-thought out and interesting (with exceptions, of course). I'd like to tell you how I have changed over the years.

I started to know this website ever since February 2015, right when Sponge out of Water premiered. I REALLY loved the movie during that time, and it definitely brought back my interest in the show with the little sponge. I lurked for quite a while, but I didn't sign up yet because of fear that I would be ridiculed because of my unpopular opinions on the show (i.e. me liking Giant Squidward, Slide Whistle Stooges, and Tentacle Vision). I was scared that I would stick out like a sore thumb if I didn't like the same episodes that the general consensus did. I kept my opinions on SpongeBob hidden for a long time....

But in June 2015, it all changed. The SBM community welcomed me with open arms, despite my unpopular opinions. I didn't post a whole lot during my early-early days, but I was definitely wrong about sticking out like a sore thumb. In July, I started to become much more active on here. I was posting about 20-30 times a day, but most of my posts were either very short or just immature. I was desperate to be popular, but it backfired quickly. Nowadays, I look at my early posts and cringe. A few months later, I started to make more friends on here (illiniguy, Appy, Bob, RobotKrabs, and some more), and I lost interest in post count. I started to phase out of my immature posts when I neared my 17th birthday, and I began to show my true self behind the "mask".

In early 2016, I became a lot more calm and mature, but I still had some cringe in a few of my posts, like my episode reviews. My episode reviews were on the edge of being a little too much like outbursts in a way (my Pet or Pests review that I made back then was a prime example). I tried to become a little more of a counselor to members that had problems in the real world by giving them some advice, and telling them that I have been through struggles as well, so they are not alone. April 2016 was the point where I just let my true personality shine (I bet many of you know my love for yearbooks :sbface:), and I started to become A LOT more positive. I won my first award (Most Friendly), and I was proud of it.

After my 1 year anniversary on this site, I continued to be friendly and welcoming to new members that enter the gates, including Cream, Jack M. Crazyfish, and Zimmy11. Even during the midst of arguments on here, I tried to be as reasonable and cordial as possible. I hated to see members fight about simple issues that could have been solved by an admin or mod. Even though SBM during 2016 was seen as one of the worse years (but some SpongeBuddies, at least), I still remained positive. And hey, I won another award for Best Positive Attitude, so thankk y'all!

And finally, here I am. 2017 Cake. The Cake that is Great and well-known to this day. It took me a while, but I have grabbed all the barriers that have kept me from being the greatest and I have just let it go. I am known as a best-friend of some SBM members, and that makes me feel happy inside. I want to thank ALL of you for making this community great. You all have left a tremendous impact on my real life. Before I joined, I was known as a really shy kid that only had about 3 friends at the very most. Nowadays, I became louder and louder in school, my mood is getting better, and I have became a lot more open to new things. You are all just spectacular members that mean a lot to me. I cannot name how many great members there are, as that will take up a full page on my computer. Even though I ran out of praise after I did the praisebook, I will still mention some of the members that stood out to me (in a good way, of course).

ssj, spongedude, and Spongey34: Heaps of thank yous for creating this fantastic site. If you guys weren't on here, we wouldn't have this lovely site called SBM.

Prez, BMC, puffy fluffy, ooooooofy, and Ohio Blackie: THE funniest members on SBM. I swear, there's never a boring moment when you guys are on here.

Bob, Appy, and Amphy: Just a couple of my best friends on here. I knew you guys were quite some time and you three were there whenever I needed help.

KarateSponge, IAmAGoofyGoober, KairiKeyBasH, and Spongefan257: You guys became active very recently, and it's great to get to know you all. Y'all have such great potential to be THE BEST you can ever be on here.

OBAB, Storm, and Yellowshadow: I know you guys got banned before, but you three have learned your lessons in a great way. I have faith in all of you.

Ever if you were not mentioned in my post, you should be proud. You all have created such a lasting impact on me, and I gotta thank you all for that. Let's continue to be the greatest community there ever is on the internet, and LET'S PARTY!

-Sincerely, CakeCup
A.K.A.: The Spongiest Cake on the Internet ;)