Cake's Farewell...For now


Facing the BSOD
No, I'm being serious here. Please don't assume that I am coming back soon because others do.

Okay, the reason I am leaving is that I have a life to tend to. Between work, house life, and school, I have been busier than ever. It's not that I am losing interest here, but I need to put my real life priorities over a SpongeBob fansite. My real life right now isn't that great since I have been struggling to keep relationships with others and my procrastination habits are getting worse.

Anyway, I may come back in a couple months, but don't expect to hear from me anytime soon. I will miss all of you since all of you guys have treated me with respect, no matter how life outside SBM was doing. I had great memories of this place, but it's time for me to say goodbye. It may be hard, but I sometimes have to do things that I don't like.

Warm regards,
Cake. <3


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Bye Cake. You were definitely one of my favorite members on the site. I wish you the best of luck with your future. Warm Regards from me, and I'm sure, everyone else on this site.

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Oh, man. Sorry you have to leave, but school and work are much more of a priority over posting on a SpongeBob message board. You're one of my favorite members here, and I'll be missing you while you're away from the forums. 'Til then, so long, farewell, auf weidersehen, goodbye, to quote a song from "The Sound of Music".


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Hope life brings you happiness just like SBM did! Of course we have a life and we can't be stuck at the computer, SBM etc. That's why I am mostly active during summer, that's when I have free time to spend! We'll miss you but it's for your own good <3 :)

Alex Squarepants

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I completely understand why you're leaving, being on this site could take over your time instead of school, life and other important stuff. You are one of my favorite members on this site, and I just hope the best to you and your future. Good Luck!

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Take care, Cake. It's always nice seeing you on here, but since you have real life stuff to care of, I wish the best of luck to you and for you to get your life together.


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You are one of my best friends here so it's sad to hear that you're leaving but I totally understand. I wish you luck.


Hope things go better for you, CakeCup. You have a large interest in Disney like I do and while I don't talk to you a ton, you're very likable. Take care.


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Alrighty, I think that's definitely for the best for sure. Keep up the good and hard work for many more years to come. ^_^


See you in a wee--oh wait you're one of the serious members. I'll miss you here, but I hope your life continues to go well!


totally coral
We'll miss ya, but I understand that real life comes first. Wishing you good luck with everything!


hello! :)
goodbye cakey I will miss you lots but I understand what you are going through! tbh i should have left sbm a long time ago but my priorities are messed up and i have no motivation lolz!!!! i am proud of you for making that choice even though it means leaving us behind your real life is more important so just take your time my pal do what you gotta do! make us proud! :salute: