Barold the Duck


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This will be the story of Barold the Duck. Yep. A duck named Barold. In a story.

First chapter coming soon


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Barold sat quietly in his pond. It was a slow day. He had done all there was to do. He swam around, got fed by old ladies, swam around some more, swam into the fountain and regretted every second, and everything else there was to do. So he swam up to Jay-rome. Jay-rome was a friend of Barold's, except he was originally from the hood and was always on edge.
"Hey Jay-rome!" Barold said.
"I TOLD YOU I'D HAVE THE MONEY BY NEXT THURSDAY!" Jay-rome shrieked in fear. "Oh," Jay-rome said with realization, "Hey Barold. What's up?"
"Nothing much. Bored. You?"
"Checkin' out the new babe down from Quackersville," Jay-Rome chuckled, "heard her name is Jenine. I'm gonna go check her out, why don't you come with me? Break outta ya funk."
So, Barold tagged along to see how hard Jay-rome would get slapped. Until he saw Jenine. Wasn't she a beauty.

I might go with short chapters, but I'll try to make them longer than that.
If not, I'll just add them more frequently


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Just curious, how did you get the inspiration for this? Anyway I'll be reading.
I was watching a Tobuscus video and an enderman (he was playing mincraft) came into his house, so he named it Barold. And he had a pet chicken at the time

Chapter 2:
Jay-rome swam up to Jenine and used his best pickup line.
"Dayum gurl, you got a mighty fine duck face 8)!"
Jenine turned around, looked him square in his eyes and shrieked,
"AAAGGGHHH!" And pepper sprayed him right in his bug fat duck face.
Before Barold could react, Jay-rome was swimming around in sheer agony screaming obscenities at anything and everything and before he knew it, he wound up in the wrong part of the pond.
While Barold introduced himself to Jenine, they heard gunshots in the distance and then screaming from the rest of the ducks.