Ask the SBM Staff! v.10th Anniversary


Squidward Tortellini
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Alright, so back in 2006, SBM would have a few topics that members could ask any sort of questions to that specific staff. It was neat to see how each staff member would respond.

This time around, it's just going to be one topic for everyone to ask questions about anything you've wanted to know in the last ten years here, whether it be about SBM or their lives. Each question will be answered by all staff members but in their own perspective. Just keep in mind that staff is allowed to answer "no comment" if they do not want to reveal anything personal about them. If you have a question directed at a specific staff member, please let them know! They can be silly questions or serious questions, but not random questions that we know nothing about.

All questions will be answered on the 10th anniversary!

Ready? Set… Go! :wetpaint:


Squidward Tortellini
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This is suppose to be a fun topic for everyone to get to know the staff a little more. Staff has been here for the majority of the ten years. Very random questions will probably go unanswered. Try to come up with some interesting ones. ^_^


Abney=last name
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If you guys have a question that is directed towards one staff member, just address that one person (like stinkoman did) :)


1: What are your favorite Comedy Central programmes?
2: DO you go on Newgrounds?
3: What was the best topic you ever made?
4: What are your least favorite animated movies?
Do you think that Spongebob is intended at young teens, or that it has jokes and ideas that are fitting to the more adult audience?

Have you ever had a big technical problem with the website (like, was there ever a danger of closing because of the server)?

What's your least favorite color?
Ling-Ling said:
3: What was the best topic you ever made?
Tease ssj Thread. Period.


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Ssj: What are you going to do after you leave the site?
Abney: How did you become an admin?
DMAP: Story of how you became a mod?
PhillipB: Same as DMAP. Also, why do you hate google chrome? Fricken weirdo.
SBRoxMan: Why can't you spell "rocks" correctly?
All staff: What is your least favorite memory from the site? Sure we could focus on the positives, but sometimes its good to look at the negatives and just acknowledge that they happened.
Abney: What's with you and asking members to do your homework for you?
PhillipB: What's your favorite activity to do that has nothing to do with electronics?
DMAP: When will we get a picture of you?
SBRoxMan: How has having Aspergers affected you both positively and negatively?
Ssj: Same ^ except ADHD.