Any imaginary stuff (devices, games, movies, shows, sites, etc) you're using?


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Apr 5, 2022
124½ Conch Street, Bikini Bottom, USA
An imagination is a powerful tool, yet it sometimes interferes with my work or gets me in trouble. I keep a virtual PlayPC saved into it to try and control it, but then I realized... What else do we have that doesn't exist in real life?

So I thought to myself, why not create this thread here?

Here's my other imaginary things:
Games: Ryan Engine, NES Adventure 1 & 2, Ryan 64, Double Trouble, Reinyn in the Mystic Realm, Sonic: Shining Legacy, SB SP: The Movie Rehydrated, Bomberman: Fully Charged, Mega Man Mania (the list goes on)
Movies: Ryan's World: The Movie, Mirabel Forever, After the Prophecy, HeroTube Saviour (intentional spelling btw), Super Bomberman: The Movie (and its 2 sequels), CanadianScout The Movie, Zoey 101 (my animated film based on the live-action series)
Shows: Sonic & Tails, Super 4: Back in Action (ended, 3 seasons), Reinyn and Ryan's World (ended, 10 seasons), LittleBigPlanet Karting: The Series (ended, 3 seasons)
Sites: PlayTube (parody of YouTube, my PlayTube account name is ShiroFan410, formerly known as ReinynRethanyAndRyanFan404, ReinynRyan403, ScoutOverwatcher, RobertTheSuper4Fan and Jayziep213), GoSearch, SackBook (parody of Facebook), Hooter (parody of Twitter), Nanogram (parody of Instagram), BiteChat (parody of SnapChat)
Other Stuff: Virtual TV (thrown out the window while watching the Tidal Zone early), ActivityPrism (credit for idea goes to GMetrix), Entra-M-Cube (does stuff, I guess), my virtual sea mansion in Bikini Bottom

Post your imaginary stuff here. (The only rule is that it CAN'T already be posted on the forums)


Part Computer or Something
Jan 22, 2023
Hmmmm this is an interesting question

I remember when I would get really bored I used to pretend I was playing Minecraft in my head. I had a whole imaginary Minecraft world and I would just continue playing in my head whenever I wanted to, it was pretty fun. I think I called it Mindcraft too which was pretty clever