And SpongeBob History Repeats Itself

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The Governator has apparently been halted in production according to this:


So I don't know what this makes for Steven's fate now.
He in the credits of several recent episodes as Story Editor, but it's possible (and probable) that writing on those episodes was finished before he left for the Governator.

He used to be on the Comic-Con panel, but he hasn't been for the last few years so that's why I suspect he's not part of the crew any more.


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By gosh, I have never seen such a strange sight.....

And most of the good writers went off to work on Camp Lazlo...which is a shame because IT ONLY LASTED THREE YEARS T_T

but then again, I'm glad they worked on it, the episodes on that show were so clever. :|


Well this isn't the first time Aaron Springer left, if I remember correctly, he left after the movie and came back during Season 5.


Nah, he wrote a few episodes in Season 4 as well.
It's just that on the Special Features of Season 5 - Volume 1, one of the trivia for the episodes says "This episode marks the return of Aaron Springer", at least I thought it said that anyway


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Sean Charmatz confirmed on his blog that he no longer works at Nick; he works at Dreamworks now. So we can cross him off the list. I got the info from a friend.

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I don't think that there will be as many old writers leaving as there were in Season 4, I mean let's compare:

Season 4:

Writers that stayed:
Paul Tibbitt (he held down the fort, pretty much)
Aaron Springer (who we now know is leaving)
Erik Wiese (left after Season 4 to work on The Mighty B)
Tim Hill (I don't remember when he left the show, if he has ever left)
Zeus Cervas (is still working on the show)

Writers that left:
C.H. Greenblatt (left to work on Billy and Mandy, although he worked on "Fear of a Krabby Patty")
William Reiss (Although he worked on two segments in Season 4, he wasn't a prominent member of the crew after Season 3)
Kent Osborne (left to work on Camp Lazlo)
Derek Drymon (left to work on who knows what)
Stephen Hillenburg (I don't know what he did after this, I guess went surfing)
Kaz (left to work on Camp Lazlo)
Merriweather Williams (left to work on Camp Lazlo)
Jay Lender (now works on Phineas and Ferb)
Mark O'Hare (Camp Lazlo)
Sam Henderson (Camp Lazlo)
Dan Povenmire (Phineas and Ferb)

Compared to this:

Writers that are leaving:
Derek Iversen
Dani Michaeli
Aaron Springer
Richard Purseli (possibly)
Sean Charmatz (possibly)

We can't confirm who is staying for Season 10.
Tom King also left after season 6.