And SpongeBob History Repeats Itself


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Just as it was before the first movie, nearly ten years ago, history is repeating itself. Back around 2004, a lot of the writers for the first three seasons left to write for other shows (most notably Camp Lazlo). And now, it seems as if it's happening again. Dani Michaeli has stated on his Twitter that Season 8 was his last Season of SpongeBob. Derek Iversen said on his FaceBook that he stopped writing in June of this year. ("May 1998-June 2012" he said). Aaron Springer is directing on Gravity Falls now- It's very possible that he's left the show, and Richard Pursel and Sean Charmatz haven't written an episode in a long while.

It appears that a good bit of the writers are leaving the show. This opens up problems for what happens after the new movie. Are we going to have to start from Square (aka Season) 4 all over again? After working for Six years to get back to the quality we started out at, are we going to lose all the progress we have made in the show and wait around for a Season to let new writers get used to the show? Will new writers even join the show? It's pretty insane how history is repeating itself with writers leaving before the movie again, though.

What do you guys think?


I woud be SO MAD if Springer left He is a great writer.
Dani Michaeli has worked on some good episodes. Too bad he's leaving
Sean Charmatz probably is not leaving, He worked on Hello Bikini Bottom!

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Hmm...will this is a little unexpected, but I'm not sure if we should be disappointed, because this might mean we will get writers that are even better. It doesn't necessarily mean that the shift towards quality from seasons 1-3 will not continue. We don't exactly know what to expect, so lets just see what happens, if this is entirely true.

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I'm surprised that Derek Iversen left. In the "Square Roots" documentary, he said:
"It could go 20 seasons. I hope so, I like it here".

It is sad to see people who've been with the show such a long time leave. But on the other hand, new blood might not necessarily be a bad thing (assuming they replace the writers who left). It keeps things interesting. It's always fun to see different writers' takes on the characters. There are already several different "eras" of SpongeBob depending on the writers/directors, and I'm about ready for a new one.


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Well, first of all, this could be a good thing. This means we might get new writers that know how to make the show funny. Also, Aaron Springer is done with Spongebob according to Wikipedia, and I would believe it, since I haven't seen a Season 9 episode with his name in it.
I guess you have to look at the bright side here. I'm sure there will be some writers staying; it would be unrealistic for too many to go. Hopefully this won't turn out to be the late Season 4-early Season 7 disaster. :)

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How I sort the eras in my head:
- Pre-series + S1. So, all the early sketches and the pilot are included in this.
- S2 + S3.
- Movie + S4 + early S5. I actually feel like the movie is closer to S4 in style than S3.
- Late S5 to early S7.
- Late S7 to present.

It's not that I think the current era is bad, but I just don't get that excited for the regular episodes any more because I'm so used to the style that I can pretty much predict what's going to happen. That's why I like the new Christmas episode so much; it's different to anything we've seen before.

I have no doubt that the new movie will also be very different to what we're used to, because the writers aren't SpongeBob writers. But I'm excited to see their interpretations of the SpongeBob universe (and a little bit anxious, because there's a lot riding on them getting it right).


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I don't think that there will be as many old writers leaving as there were in Season 4, I mean let's compare:

Season 4:

Writers that stayed:
Paul Tibbitt (he held down the fort, pretty much)
Aaron Springer (who we now know is leaving)
Erik Wiese (left after Season 4 to work on The Mighty B)
Tim Hill (I don't remember when he left the show, if he has ever left)
Zeus Cervas (is still working on the show)

Writers that left:
C.H. Greenblatt (left to work on Billy and Mandy, although he worked on "Fear of a Krabby Patty")
William Reiss (Although he worked on two segments in Season 4, he wasn't a prominent member of the crew after Season 3)
Kent Osborne (left to work on Camp Lazlo)
Derek Drymon (left to work on who knows what)
Stephen Hillenburg (I don't know what he did after this, I guess went surfing)
Kaz (left to work on Camp Lazlo)
Merriweather Williams (left to work on Camp Lazlo)
Jay Lender (now works on Phineas and Ferb)
Mark O'Hare (Camp Lazlo)
Sam Henderson (Camp Lazlo)
Dan Povenmire (Phineas and Ferb)

Compared to this:

Writers that are leaving:
Derek Iversen
Dani Michaeli
Aaron Springer
Richard Purseli (possibly)
Sean Charmatz (possibly)

We can't confirm who is staying for Season 10.


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I don't think most people consider the SB Movie to be closer to the style of season 3, I've always seen its animation style as season 4 style.