Addicting Games

Doctor 6ex

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Dead Rising 2: Off the Record but after you unlock everything it becomes less addicting. Right now its FIFA 14 particularly career mode.

The Drifter

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Tropico 4, the missions are good and challenging. Another one is Total War: Shogun 2, the costum battle are addicting but the campaign is great.


I used to be addicted with Super Smash Bros and I bet if I get it again I'd fall in love with it yet again.


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Pokemon is one of those addicting games, once I have it I can never stop playing it until I complete it. The other one is Super Smash Bros, pretty much for obvious reasons. Though I'm always addicted to games, but usually when I buy them up until completing them.

The Drifter

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cwn said:
Plants Vs Zombes is pretty addictive.
Can agree with that. It become a huge hit in my school once, everyone are playing it and sharing tips how to beat the levels, as well passing around fan theories about things in the game (like how did Dr. Zomboss' giant robot didn't fall through the roof). Good time.