78b. Born to be Wild

Underrated episode in my opinion. I love episodes like this, Once Bitten, and Planet of the Jellyfish where they go in hiding, I find them really funny and creative.


This episode was another OK one. I kinda liked the plot. The ending, though, was just ehhhhhhh. It just kinda fell flat on it's face. There was some decent humor, which is why I think this episode is OK.


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This is a pretty good episode there is definitely humor and the story is great as well overall one of the best of season 4 9/10
This episode is underrated and It's very funny. It's one of my favorite season 4 episodes. All characters in this episode were funny in this episode and many parts were funny like SpongeBob and Patrick running into and hitting each other, SpongeBob riding a paddle-unicycle and Patrick riding a paddle-tricycle, Squidward mentioning the moments when SpongeBob over-reacted, a family jumping into the sardine box and the ending. I rate this episode 10/10

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I didn't really remember this one as well when it first aired but wow, it's actually hilarious and I loved the clever shortcut gag. Luke Brookshier is turning out to be my favorite post movie writer. 9/10

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Very underrated. Good plot and execution, and it had some funny moments like "little baby doodooheads" and "diet blood" 10/10


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Season: 4

Episode: Born to be Wild

This episode was pretty good. The plot was decent. There were some funny jokes. 7.5/10

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I found it funny, but pretty average. It doesn't really have too much rewatch value, and the ending was a bit of cop out.