77a. Driven to Tears


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I don't like this episode. Patrick was a snobbish jerk, and he humiliated poor SpongeBob. There was nothing funny about this episode at all, and the ending wasn't even enough to make up for it. 4/10



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This and it's partner in crime both have something in common. THey're good, but made much worse due to Patrick being a jerk. Still top 150 material though.



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This episode was honestly OK. You're probably disagreeing with me already, but I will admit PATRICK HAD UTTER OBLIVIOUSNESS TO THE MAX. There was actually a little humor here, but this episode was overall OK.


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I liked this episode it had great humor and especially a very good plot with Patrick getting a license! lol and SB getting jealous is a good touch! 9/10


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Not a very good episode due to Patrick's jerkiness and a general lack of humor, but I still find it watchable. It's not as bad as something like I'm With Stupid or Yours, Mine and Mine.

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I really hated Patrick in this episode but to be honest, I actually liked this episode. I know Patrick was a jerk in this episode but to be honest, this episode really made me laugh and I've seen worse Patrick episodes than this. I also liked the reference to "Have You Seen This Snail" and SpongeBob's parents' cameos. Some parts made me laugh like Patrick driving his car around his house, the drive thru part, Patrick running through 3 red lights, SpongeBob ripping Patrick's license and the ending. I rate this episode 8/10



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I wasn't saying anything nice about the episode, I was HATING on it.


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7/10 it was a meh episode..i didn't liked the scene that Patrick is rubbing the license to spongebob's face..this scene maybe ruined my episode thats why i -3 points :( my raiting for it if the scene with Patrick being aggresive to SB wasn't exist will be 10 but now...i got a bit furious in the scene..


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All this time I thought this was season 5. THIS WAS SEASON 4!? (I noticed a few years ago, lol. When I was younger I thought it was season 5)

You could say that this episode is a Patrick's a Prick one but in here it's justified unlike Rule of Dumb mostly. In here Patrick gets his license which he brags about. You could hate on it but in a way you could see it as Patrick finally achieving something or that Patrick gets his license before Spongebob so he just brags about it. It's not great of an episode but the most watchable. 7/10


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I didn't really like this episode. I just couldn't stand Patrick's jerkiness and there just isn't enough funny jokes to back it up which makes this episode hard to watch. I mean it did have a few funny jokes here and there like Mr. Krabs saying "I used to have a kidney stone. Everything passes eventually.", but most of the humor just seems to mean-spirited and I felt bad for SpongeBob in this episode. Not to mention that the ending is incredibly sappy and phoned in. I especially hate SpongeBob's line where he says "Patrick can't survive in prison, he's too soft.". Umm... Patrick made it through jail in SpongeBob Meets the Strangler and Good Ol' Whatshisname. If anything you're the one that's too soft, considering that you're a ::dolphin noise::ing SPONGE!

Overall, this is just a bad episode and I'm kind of confused with why people like this episode, but hate Rule of Dumb. 4/10 (Review for that episode is coming up next.)