76b. Hocus Pocus


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This is a fairly good episode I think it is a bit humorous I liked it! But I have not seen it in a while... 7/10


This was a good episode. I really liked the plot. I liek dat magic stuff. It was just WAY too cheesy. My god. I also loved Tom's face while he was driving the boat with bratty son in it. Dude, you should've just ordered chocolate ice cream the way your dad would. Anyways, the jokes were just great. I laughed alot at this episode. The ending was kinda disappointing but I still liked it. That's all I have to say.
This episode was an amazing episode and It's way better than The Thing episode. Actually the idea of SpongeBob thinking he turned Squidward into an ice cream cone is a stupid idea in my opinion but this episode was very funny, so I can let it slide. I loved the Wizard of Oz pardoy in this episode and there are many funny parts like the begining, the kid's ice cream cone being tossed out of the car and then landing in Squidward's chair, SpongeBob spending time with the ice cream cone, Patrick licking the ice cream, SpongeBob saying "What are we going to do about Squidward?" and then Patrick saying "We can always eat him. I'm kind of hungry." and SpongeBob turning Patrick into a jar of mayonnaise at the end. It's definetly one of the best season 4 episodes. 10/10.


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This episode was okay. SpongeBob wasn't annoying, but I think he cried too much in this episode. I'm glad this isn't a Squidward abuse episode, which I thought it would be. However, there weren't too many funny moments, and I hated that Horace was just a fake, and got away with it Scot-free. But, while I don't recommend this episode, I'd prefer watching this episode over "The Thing", its parter-in-crime, anyday. 5.9/10
People hate this? I love this episode! Ton of hilarious gags, cheesy, but creative plot, and a Wizard of Oz reference! It's a great episode IMO.


I always liked this episode despite what people usually use to say about it. I guess some parts can be cheesy like the Wizard of the Oz reference. But compared to episodes of today it feels really fluent in jokes and animation. Definitely underrated. 9/10 And did anyone else think of SpongeBob's also purple wizard outfit from the movie?


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I just re-watched this episode a few days ago, and I actually really enjoyed it. I guess it's kind of cheesy but the humor is great. My favorite part is at the end where SpongeBob turns Patrick in to a jar of mayonnaise.


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This and The Thing were the first episodes I saw, I got them on a DVD with a happy meal from mcdonalds.


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Hocus Pocus is pretty plain. Sure a few jokes scattered throughout the episode, but it could have been better than it is. Some of the episode got a little boring at times, but its defiantly watchable. Pretty decent.


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If the twist wasn't mentioned so soon, this would have been a great episode, but no. The twist ruined it a bit and makes the episode just look dumb. 4/10