73a. New Leaf


take back the falls
Mar 4, 2011

When it was my first time watching this, I actually thought Mr. Krabs was really going to give Plankton the secret formula then it turned out to be a prank when the episode is almost over, haha.

I enjoyed this episode because Mr. Krabs and Plankton don't really fight during the episode. They spent the day hanging out with each other instead of fighting. :)
This episode was great.. Zeus Cervas at best, this episode demonstrated that Plankton is more of a patient person that noted, whereas Mr. Krabs is a interesting round character generally, but quite sneaky at the end. This episode was also sort of twisted, good stuff.
It was good, but felt too much like F.U.N. :P, as both ate about Plankton befriending someone in order to get the formula! :P
Not the greatest plot but a decent Plankton episode
I remember this episode was hyped up quite a bit on the forums here... hard to believe it aired that long ago

We did get some great SpongeBob DJ pics from this episode though
I don't know why it says on spongebob wikia that this episode and another one I can't think of are one of the most hated episodes.I found it really entertaining and I also didn't think the ending was gonna happen. I liked this episode it was an 8/10 for me, because it was alittle queer. But overall I liked this episode.
Also the whole episode I felt this weird feeling, the disco theme just pushed it overboard.
I give it a 8.6/10. It was the second episode I ever saw.
It was good and bad at the same time. I honestly have no idea how to explain it tohugh :P
This episode is right at the line of "decent" and "plain bad". I will say the plot is interesting, and there's actually a little decent humor in this episode. Another thing I liked is the reference to Imitation Krabs (Robot Krabs is seen in the pile of stuff used to attempt the stealing of the Krabby Patty Formuler) and possibly other episodes. This episode would be a little higher if it wasn't for KRABSY'S GOSH DARN UTTER OBLIVIOUSNESS. During most of his screen time, and especially when he went inside the Chum Bucket, I wanted to take Thor's hammer, cover it in metal, AND SMASH THE DUDE RIGHT IN HIS ARMOR ABS. He was so annoying. Now for the montage when Krabs and Plankton "start over". This music was meh, while the montage itself was also meh. This episode was honestly OK.
Mr. Krabs being a jerk at the beginning but then Plankton becomes the jerk by tricking him but I have to give credit to Mr.Krabs for out smarting Plankton with the formula! 6/10
This is an okay episode. I like the idea and some of the scenes with Plankton and Krabs bonding were nice, even if it did turn out to be fake in the end.
I Really, really love this one.
The Montage alone makes this a great episode :mrkrabs:
Another great season 4 episode but It has flaws. It was predictable that Plankton didn't even changed and Mr. Krabs was a jerk in this episode. In my opinion, Mr. Krabs is okay in season 4 but he was getting on my nerves in this episode. The funny moments are the reference to Imitation Krabs, Squidward saying "This is idiotic.", then Mr. Krabs saying "Dance or you're fired" and then Squidward dancing and the montage. I rate this episode 8/10
I feel conflicted whether or not this can be considered good or bad. To put it bluntly, it would have been perfect if it wasn't a Spongebob episode. If it was a transition to a new status quo, it would have been perfect. But the ending is essentially a middle finger towards the wonderful character development. But the increasing development itself is so greatly executed that it is difficult to completely undermine. This episode pisses me off due to those cons and pros. 50/100, they cancel each other out.
I really liked this one though it felt a bit rushed at the end. I would have loved to see this particular episode have been fleshed out more to like a half hour because it seems like the board artists were having a lot of fun doing this episode and thankfully they really got it completely right in "Friend or Foe." I guess this episode and "Best Frenemies" were kinda like practice to work out the bugs first before making that. Compared to a lot of other later episodes, the plot for the most part was pretty well thought out IMHO, the tone of the episode was kinda different (Dumped is another episode I've seen that doesn't really get that much love that's also kinda different than what SB usually does but in a way it kinda keeps the show interesting without getting deep into repetitive formula) than what they usually do but I think for the most part it works here (unlike in Whatever Happened to SpongeBob where it feels completely serious but at the same time super mean spirited and unfunny) and it was kinda cool not seeing a Mr. Krabs that's constantly obsessed with money. 7.5/10
It was a very good dramatic episode. Although the episode is very predictable (if you've seen any other Plankton episodes), it's still a very good episode. Especially the phone call scene. Although it's still kind of frustrating that Plankton didn't turn over a new leaf, and you probably knew Plankton wouldn't turn over a new leaf. It's still a good dramatic episode, 6.5/10.