71a. Whale of a Birthday


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Boys who Cry part was HILARIOUS. Overall, this was a great episode. SpongeBob spends too much on presents for Pearl, because it's her 16th birthday. Squidward sings Boys Who Cry and then the real band comes. The episode ends with SpongeBob saying your a great dad to Mr Krabs. My rating is a 7.5/10


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Eh, it was okay. Nothing special. It was pretty funny, yet a little out of character that Squidward liked Boys Who Cry. Pearl was being a bit of a brat, yet at the same time, it was a little justified considering Krabs was quite the cheapskate this episode.

6.5|10 Overall
I like this episode. It's one of those episodes where everything is good but the good stuff is just good. Well except for Squids Who Cry <3
I really loved this episode a lot and I think this is the second best Pearl episode. Pearl didn't bother me much in this episode. Mr. Krabs was cheap again in this episode but he didn't bother me much too. His cheapness in this episode was funny. Squidward singing one of Boys Who Cry songs was very funny and It was the best part in this episode. Also SpongeBob buying everything that Pearl liked was funny too. It's another great season 4 episode and It's way better than It's partner, Karate Island. 10/10


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I thought this episode was very good. It had some very funny moments and Mr. Krabs cheapness was actually funny. It seems to get a bad reputation with some people just because it's partnered with Karate Island. 8/10
Why does Pearl a bad character get the big birthday episode? She doesn't even deserve that stuff! But the Squidward and Boys Who Cry part were nice and I liked the It's A Boy thing. Since Pearl doesn't even deserve the stuff she got, I have to do a 5/10 because someone with her behavior *coughEPISODESLIKETHESLUMBERPARTYcough* then she doesn't deserve or need it! If it was someone like Plankton who could use some good things to cheer up his miserable life then it would be better. Bottom line: Pearl is a bad character.
Absolutely awesome episode! A lot of people dislike it because Mr. Krabs is putting money before his daughter, but I disagree. You can tell that he's trying to make her happy, but he just can't help who he is. I loved Spongebob with the credit card, all of the cheap stuff at the party, and most of all: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OcohEgpJc6I