65b. Funny Pants


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Season: 4

Episode: Funny Pants

This episode was kinda bad. Spongebob's laughing was annoying (his crying even more). I don't agree with people saying that Spongebob's obnoxiousness in this episode is his character trait because that character trait was flanderized in this episode. There were some funny jokes. 4.5/10

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This is a guilty pleasure of mine. It's a little annoying with all the bayayayayayaya (Spongebob's Laughter) in the episode.
Other than that, this is a good episode, the jokes are funny and I like it how he's laughing about: Another Day Another Nickel.



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Meh for me , I wasn't annoyed by the laughing and crying but I did not find this episode hilarious or funny or whatever...The only funny scene was the scene with the pie on this poor fish's face :p that was funny indeed!!! But, not that bad for me..I mean what annoyed me in this episode is the UNFAIRNESS again...SpongeBob was laughing ALL THE ::dolphin noise:: TIME and did not burn out the laugh box but Squidward laughed for 5-6 seconds and burned out his laugh box...that was unfair and I got irritated by this!! >_< The ending was MEH too...Seeing SpongeBob being depressed because of a myth was BAD too.. But, still, there were some good quotes here like the quote I said before and another one with Mr.Krabs showing SpongeBob money in order to laugh :p , I will give it a 5/10 :|

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Honestly this one grew on me. The excessive laughter is a bit much but I think passed that it's a decent story with some charming jokes and moments.



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Oh this episode, I don´t know Tom Kenny´s classic SpongeBob laugh doesn´t annoyes me if but gets too much I perfer watching in Latin Spanish the laugh is less annoying and never gets annoying but that´s just me. 7.5/10


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Funny Pants is mediocre, we can all feel this episode has a good plot of SpongeBob's endless laughing... but there are almost little to no jokes that are funny and is nothing too much more than an average episode, what I would say though is that the ending was actually surprising (I did not expect it) 7.5/10


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This episode could have been great, but they ruined it. I like the whole premise, but they ruined it with the fact SpongeBob's laugh is squeaky the whole entire time. It gets really irritating, and it ruined this episode for me.

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