62a. The Lost Mattress


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Another season 4 episode that feels like season 3. This episode is great. There's a lot of good jokes and has a well developed plot. 8.5/10


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TheBandGeek said:
This episode is overrated, and it had a good plot, but it didn't execute well. It had humor, but if it had MORE humor, I'd raise my score. 5/10
Really? I love this episode! :D

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10/10. Cool episode because, it's got Squidward trying (unsuccessfully) to get the worm to attack SpongeBob and Patrick! How could that not be funny?

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A ton of great moments and an episode where it's actually satisfying to see Squidward get mauled.



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One of the best of Season 4. The Squid abuse was a little too much but at the same time, I feel it was justified because he seemed to be more of a jerk than usual. The whole episode was hilarious, and to me, it felt like a pre-movie episode in so many ways. 10/10.


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Happy Halloween, Squidward! Anyways, great episode, always loved that one but I'd like a better ending for Squidward, I don't say that he didn't deserve that but it was just not what I'd like to see as an ending.. But it didn't bother me anyway...This episode was kind of funny and it has some good moments...My favourite scene was when SpongeBob and Patrick were drawing a card for Mr.Krabs and Squidward said ''Oh, I see. You're just kissing up to the boss to make me look bad. Well, I won't stand for it. Gimme that card.Trying to outsmart me?There, I signed it for all of us!'' and then Patrick said ''Hey you didn't even help pay..'' that was funny...9.5/10 !
The Lost Mattress is once again, an excellent episode. It has a not as childish feel to it, child-like humor though, but a theme that is more mature as adults can understand and relate to it with funny, bright characters implanted into it. 10/10

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Interesting. It's only the 3rd post-movie episode, and Squidward's already trying to get Spongebob and Patrick ripped to shreds, and for a very selfish reason too.
Spongebob and Patrick are overall really fun and likable in this episode, on the other hand. Especially Patrick, who seems smarter than usual. :thumb1: Although he's still bad at counting. :hehe:

One of Squidward's meanest appearances in the series, but since he gets what's coming to him, and the overall episode is funny, it's not a huge issue here.
And I'll give Squidward some slack this time, he was pretty fun at the beginning.

Also, this episode definetely feels like a Season 3 episode, despite Squidward's antagonistic behavior.

This episode actually had a nice dynamic, the characters are all believable with SB & Pat's good-natured manner still screwing some things up, and this did do Squidward as a butt monkey relatively well since he brought all of it on himself. It was a bit much to have him constantly mauled, but at least he did something to deserve it unlike in The Camping Episode where he reasonably thought the bear was fake and was just trying to prove them wrong so they could peacefully stay outside and allow him to get some sleep.


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Just because it doesn't have seasons 10/11 wackiness doesn't mean an episode is boring.

Plus you like The Clash of Triton which is boring as sin.
Man, take a chill pill lol.