61a. Fear of a Krabby Patty



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This is the first episode I likely ever saw. I have very fond memories of it, and it holds up in a way. I really like some of the comedy that's spewed here and there, and the plot makes sense. It's basically a continuation of Graveyard shift with Plankton involved, it's not a bad idea. It has some good jokes, especially with Plankton, and SpongeBob isn't terrible. It's not the best first episode to ever see, but I still have my appreciation for it. I think it's good.


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I really like the animation in this episode, I like the little stumps. I feel like this episode was a prelude to season 9b+ because of how expressive it is. It's a good plot, and it's filled with so many gags that it really feels at home in season 2 or 3.



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It's a good episode. I think it was nice to see a change of pace. While the plot did seem similar to Graveyard Shift, I still think they handled it very still, and it gave us a good message.

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1. Fear of a Krabby Patty (A)


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This is one of the more gag centered episodes. Saying that it's also one of the better episodes of Season 4.
That's all I can really say.

1. Help Wanted (10/10)
2. The Algae's Always Greener (10/10)
3. Your Shoes Untied (8/10)
4. Fear of a Krabby Patty (8/10)
5. Patrick's Coupon (7.9/10)


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I like this episode! The segments with Peter Lankton and Spongebob actually got a few laughs out of me. Decent!