59. The Sponge Who Could Fly



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I'm surprised nobody made a topic about this episode yet.

Anyway, this is one of my favourite episodes from Season 3! The Patchy the Pirate plot is hilarious, especially when he throws away all his SpongeBob merchandise in a rage! :lol: And the SpongeBob plot is just as funny, and I love the songs such as "He's Flying", they kinda made the episode feel like a musical. :)

However, with the "Remembering SpongeBob" scene, and also the ending where the Narrator says "SpongeBob will live on in our hearts and in our minds", I can't help but wonder whether this was originally intended to be the series finale episode.


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Woah, I love this episode.
I love how Patchy reacts.
I remembered watching it when it first aired.
This episode was the best.
I never gave a episode this much but, 10/10!
The best of Season 3! :naughty:



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Oh my gosh, for some strange reason I've been addicted to this episode over the last months (probably because of the catchy musical numbers :p). I like this episode because SpongeBob finds out his true superhero self. It shows you that even though some people or fish, don't believe in you, you should believe in yourself. I really wish that Nick didn't cut the episode short though. The Patchy the Pirate scenes were actually pretty good as well. One of my favorite episodes.


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One of my favorite season 3 episodes. I lol'd at the scene after Spongebob fell and Patrick used a fire distinguisher on him.


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This, along with Shanghaied*, was one of the 'legendary' episodes of SB for me back in the day, as CITV never aired it and Nick UK rarely ever showed it. The first time I saw it was when I was looking at a SB DVD and noticed it was on there. I bought the DVD just because it had that one episode on there. It is pretty funny and, being 8 or 9 at the time, I genuinely did think it was a lost episode found under a desk at Nickelodeon's studios, lol. Actually the first time I saw it was on the SpongyMedia site which had a clip of the walk cycle (the fake lost episode).

(*Shangehaied was never ever shown on Nick UK or CITV for many many years. It became something of a myth for me. I can't remember why it was banned, I think it was because it was too scary. However in 2007 or so they finally aired it.)


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This episode has to be one of my favorites. It has great humor and the songs are pretty good. 10/10



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Can't say I liked it too much. Too little humor, too much song, too long. The walk cycles were better than the episode IMO.


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Amazing episode a great plot lots of humor and nice songs! 9/10



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This episode was OK. It was pretty bad overall, except for the fact that it had one of the show's best moments - the Walk Cycle.

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i remember this episode me and my family was in flordia for vacatio and this episode came on i'm glad i caught this episode when i did because i would have missed it if we did not get to flodia in time but i'm glad we got in flordia for me to watch this episode.

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WHAT? This is the lost episode? I was so disappointed. I was expecting much better this special. This episode wasn't good actually, in fact this is the worst season 3 episode ever. This episode has potential in my opinion but I don't think the writers executed it very well. The main reason why I don't like this episode is Bikini Bottomies, also there were some boring parts in this episode. Bikini Bottomies were at their one of the worst in this episode. At first, they laugh at SpongeBob and call him birdman because SpongeBob's attempts to fly faied. Later they want SpongeBob to help them all time after SpongeBob get the ability to fly. When SpongeBob tries escape to Jellyfishing Fields, they tries to catch him because they want more favors of him. You know what part really pissed me off more? The part when one of Bikini Bottomies said "No! He owes us favors!". WHAT? They owe SpongeBob favors, not SpongeBob. SpongeBob helps them because he is kind but they wanted SpongeBob to become their butler. Bikini Bottomies are the worst characters in pre-movie era without a doubt. I don't hate this episode because I laughed at some parts in this episode, I loved Patchy's segment and I liked the songs in this episode. Overall, one of the most disappointing SpongeBob specials and one of the worse pre-movie episodes. 6/10


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I actually like this episode. I really don't understand the hate for this episode. I give it a 8/10.