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58a. Missing Identity


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Not too big of a fan of this episode. It's very repetitious with Spongebob retracing his steps and some of the jokes are repetitious. Not the most funniest but at least has jokes that work. 6.5/10


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I like Gary's feeding time. I also like the parts where Squidward mutters about him being a genius and Patrick saying his 'hellos' aren't a tape recording.


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Factoid: Zeus Cervas was credited as one of the four storyboard artists on this episode. The others were Carson Kugler, Caleb Meurer and William Reiss.


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Season: 3

Episode: Missing Identity

This episode was very good. The plot was original. Some scenes were repetitive, but still funny in my honest opinion. There were many funny jokes. 8.5/10

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Very funny episode. This is a perfect example of something SpongeBob does best: a very simple plot, taken to ridiculous levels, and making it absolutely hilarious.

SpongeBob tasting Gary's food.
"I feel a disturbance."
Patrick saying "SpongeBoob" instead of "SpongeBob", and his reaction towards that
"Well, you managed to kill 11 minutes."


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I lost something once...

...my identity.

The next 11 minutes were some of the best in the series.


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I hate it when the animators don't have consistency within episodes. Stuff such as the rug gag in Party Pooper Pants and the
name tag behind SpongeBob
bother me since you don't see them throughout the episode. I think it would've been clever to just show the front side of SpongeBob until the reveal, nitpick aside this is a great episode with a really fun plot that had me laughing throughout. A fine example of what late season 3 can accomplish. My favorite parts include Patrick trying to say hello and SpongeBob thinking someone could rob a bank with his name tag. Those are great season 3 type jokes.

This episode had been pretty funny, but the ending where SpongeBob finally finds his name tag just feels lazy and pretty anti-climatic. It is mediocre as the ending really brought this down, what I found clever though was the writing throughout the most of the episode. 6.5/10
This one is great. I love the Atmosphere of it, especially at the beginning with the music. This has plenty of great jokes, mainly with when SpongeBob continues doing what he did in the Morning, just to find his Name Tag, and when SpongeBob and Patrick go in the Dumpster. There is also tons of funny quotes thrown in there. Example: Patrick: Here, let me get that. Hey, look! A Stingray 5000 single. Hey, these guys rock. Why would anybody throw this away? Spongebob: Have you forgotten what we're looking for knee-deep in yesterday's Top 40 songs? Patrick: Yes. Also, :sbdisappointed: . 9.5/10.


This episode has a different tone to it that I really appreciate. I like how it starts, ends, and interrupts at this diner. It makes it really stand out, and when someone says "Missing Identity" I think of that scene. Besides that, it's a pretty fun episode. I like the twist ending, because it makes sense, SpongeBob had a crazy reunite, so it's only natural for him to have his pants on wrong. It's not like him to forget it, so it totally works in my mind. Besides that, some really funny one liners with Patrick, and some great lead up, one of the last few classics of Pre-Movie.
It's funny, has a decent plot, and good action. But the ending isn't anything too special, plus this episode bored me a little at times.

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