58a. Missing Identity


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Apr 3, 2005

Fish: Oh, no, I lost my pen.
Waitress: (takes one out of her hair) You can borrow mine. (hands her pen to the fish)
Fish: Thanks.
SpongeBob: I lost something once. I lost something I couldn't live without-- my identity.
Fish: So, anyway, thanks for the pen.
Waitress: No problem, hon.
SpongeBob: (walking on the counter) It all started last week-- Monday morning to be exact-- the day I lost my identity. (fish looks at his watch)
Fish: I've gotta go. (flashback to Monday morning where SpongeBob is sleeping until his alarm goes off)
The feeding Gary scene is pretty classic
a really good story... i wish more episodes included the Diner
Of course, the best part has to be:


Now, who said SpongeBob isn't educational? :D
This episode was really really funny. How Patrick kept messing up, "The most important meal of the day! Serving it up, Gary's way!", "Oh! I just borrowed someone else's while mine was at the cleaners!". Really funny. I don't like how Spongebob dug through the garbage, but that was about it.

9|10 Overall
MAN, I thought some of these season 3 episodes were season 4. This episode should be a season 4 episode, though, because it's really weak. I don't really like it that much, although the feeding Gary scene was a classic. 5/10
I like this episode, but no where near as much as the original poster. ;)
It's OK pretty funny and a great plot but I think it's overrated. 7/10
I really like this episode. It has a great plot with hilarious and amazing execution.
8/10 I liked second scene
Good episode, but the scene where SpongeBob is retracing his steps and Patrick keeps forgetting to say hi to him, while amusing, feels like filler to me. Really, take that sequence out of the episode and nothing would change.
Wait, this was season 3? All this time, I thought the nametag stuff was some after-movie episode, and i must've mixed-up most other side-scenes (like feeding Gary) as parts of other before-movie episodes :\
This episode was very hilarious. It's one of the best SpongeBob episodes. I laughed at many parts in this episdoe. SpongeBob repeating everything that he did in the morning kinda got repetitve but It didn't get old for me in my opinon. SpongeBob saying "The most important meal of the day! Serving it up, Gary's way!", then feding Gary and then tasting snail food part cracked me up. SpongeBob gasping in this episode was hilarious. Patrick's "Hi, SpongeBoob" part was funny. The ending was very funny too. 10/10
I think this episode was underrated, but it's still hilarious. Patrick's "Hi, SpongeBob", was the best part IMO. Also, the scene where SpongeBob was eating the snail food was funny. 9.5/10.
A perfect example of a great SpongeBob episode and the kind of humor a show like this excels at. Simple story idea taken to the most absurd levels with a lot of classic moments, clever jokes and farce throughout.The porquoi, SpongeBob trying out snail food and the scene where they're trying to find his nametag in the dumpster were always my favorite parts. It's an easy mistake to SpongeBob to make to be wearing his outfit backwards but he also wants to try as hard as he can to please the customers to the point where he'll go to any length to fix the problem even when it probably wouldn't be that much of a big deal in real life. 10/10
I pretty much liked this episode. While it wasn't perfect, it gave us an inside at a story in Spongebob's past. Maybe this episode took place in some future, it sure looked like it did.
It all started last week, Monday morning to be exact! The day I lost my identity.


I gotta go...