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57b. The Camping Episode


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My 10th favorite episode, and I don't get all these comments saying that the episode is overrated. If anything, I find it very UNDER-rated seeing as how the reception to this episode has definitely become a lot more critical in recent years. I think it is an amazingly hilarious episode with tons of great camping gags, the 2nd best song in the whole series (aside from "Sweet Victory"), and a hilarious mauling scene at the end (I agree with Slug, I really can't feel bad for Squidward here. He had been warned by SpongeBob and Patrick several times, but his ego got the better of him and he got what was coming to him. And I think the sea bear attacks themselves are hilarious, especially since they happen off screen and the bear just keeps coming out of nowhere. Plus I like how the sea bear points his finger at Squidward at the end). The very fact that they took a setting as simple as camping and turned it into a hilarious and effective ride is a brilliant accomplishment!

Short and to the point, though, this episode is incredible. I think it deserves all the praise it gets, and it definitely mauls (pun intended) its sister episode: Krabby Land.



This episode or Fear of a Krabby Patty is likely the first I've ever seen, and it couldn't have been a better first episode to watch. I love this one a lot. There are many great gags that come from this, as well as just great action between the personalities. I always pair this one with Idiot Box, because they aren't rip offs, but they set out to do almost the same thing, and they both accomplish it very well. A lot of very fun things happen, this episode has a sequence to its' hilarity. It has a bunch of very nice camping jokes, and it even features a really solid song. Squidward is awesome in this, and it's a joy to see. There isn't too much to say on this one, just a bunch of very well timed gags, and a lot of great story telling. Oh yeah, the sea bear, that is awesome. I love seeing the sea bear attack, because unlike other episodes I love, Squidward's actions cannot be defended, he went out of his way to do this to SpongeBob and Patrick, and it's the perfect example of Squidward torture done right, also he can't draw circles, nice continuity with Artist Unknown.

Overall I love this episode a lot, I think it is GREAT: 9.8/10


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Ah, one of the classics. This is just a great episode. A good, simple premise, which always makes for a great episode of SpongeBob. The core trio of SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward is shown very well in this episode, with Squidward joining in with SpongeBob and Patrick's antics in a way. Squidward plays off of SpongeBob and Patrick very well here as well, making for great interactions. The comedy here is top notch, with great timing. Just a great episode all around.


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it was awesome. 10/10

my favorite moments are-

Spongebob and Patrick warns Squidward about the sea bear

Squidward adjust his hat but sea bear comes and turn his hat in goofy way lol

and the mauled screen where Squidward tries to like crawling, etc

oh yeah don't forget about Sea Rhino

I like this episode. A lot. It's a great episode. This is a Squid torture episode done right. This episode is funny, it has a basic plot but the execution is brilliant. And who could forget the song?

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