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This is a standalone episode as it aired as part of the Patchy the Pirate hosted special, "SpongeBob B.C." (Before Comedy). Although it is part of the seasons 1-3 pre-movie golden era of SpongeBob episodes, it is often listed by fans as one of the show's worst episodes.

To be honest I don't think it is one of the worst, but it's not the best either. It's a decent episode.


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I saw this episode for the first time today, especially since, for a long time, I didn't even know it existed. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. From what I was told, I was expecting a really terrible episode. I found it really funny. Sure, there was only gibberish between Spongegar, Patar, and Squog, and the fire scene did drag on for a bit, however, I found it to be pretty funny. The Patchy scene was hilarious. The "When Worlds Collide" song was actually well written and catchy. I got a kick out of Squog slipping on the juice. How long it took for Spongegar and Patar to take their hands out of the fire. I think if I was expecting much more than what it was, I would have liked it less.

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OKAY episode. This episode does NOT meet the standards of a season 3 episode. I can see this as season 1, 4, or 5, but NOT season 3. The humor was pretty stale, but it had a good plot. 4.8/10



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very very underrated. I love how the characters were written. I don't get the hate :/


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This was a really good episode it had no dialogue or barely but it was written so well and the humor was amazing! 10/10



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Very underrated. While I fell asleep the first time I saw it, I actually like the concept of the episode, and also Spongebob's apparent knowing of Patchy and Potty.


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The Patchy segments were better than the SpongeBob episode. The problem is, no one can EXPECT for there to be dialogue, because it's pre-historic times!


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The title of this episode is also my reaction to it.

I kid, I kid, but this is one my least favorite pre-movie episodes because of the lack of dialogue. I know it makes sense for there to not be any real dialogue, but that doesn't make it any more enjoyable for me.

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This is the most underrated season 3 episode and one of the most underrated pre-movie episode. I don't see what's so bad about this episode. Sure, this episode is uncreative but It was very funny and I didn't even get bored when I watched this episode. It's not one of the best season 3 episodes but It's one of my favorite SpongeBob specials. I laughed at many times like SpongeBob's cameo in Patchy's plot, most of Patrchy's plot, Giant Gary leaving behind a long trail of slime and then Squod slipping on the slime trail, Patar hugging Squod, Patar biting his hand, Patar eating a small crab, SpongeGar and Patar clapping their own hands, SpongeGar, Patar and Squod eating too much food and the ending. I rate this episode 10/10 (HATERS GONNA HATE)


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This is the weakest special of Pre-movie SpongeBob. It does have lots of funny moments, but the plot of the SpongeBob segment wasn't anything special. Also while the joke where the flowers land into the fire was funny, it went on for too long. While the SpongeBob segments were good despite it's flaws, the Patchy segments were better. It's the weakest special of season 3 and it's not even that bad of a special. 7/10


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I actually really like this episode! It is so underrated. Sure, it does come off to be a little boring, but the caveman-like SB, Pat, and Squidward is really funny. Also, the Patchy parts were decent, I really like the song, "When Worlds Collide" I find myself singing that often. I love this episode, it's really funny and interesting to see.


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How come this is the ONLY SB episode I haven't seen? Does it ever air on Nick? I need to know. :-(

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The only bad parts were the fact that a green screen was obvious in the ending, and that I wanted to know what they were saying as sometimes it was a bit confusing. 9/10