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50b. Krusty Krab Training Video

Honest Slug

Ink Lemonade hurts me.
Nov 21, 2015
Along with Wet Painters this has to be one of the best pairings ever. Fantastic episode. I love the style and humor they incorporated.



Pokemon Sun and Moon HYPE!
Aug 27, 2014
I really like this episode, it's super funny. Especially the narrator and the ending.

My only problem is that if this was someone's first episode, it would be a really bad way to introduce them to the series. Seeing how different this episode is to the others.
Feb 1, 2017
At the Jellyfishing Convention
Nosferatu said:
This episode was the highlight of my childhood.
I know right?! This is a classic for all to remember.

This is an instant classic on my book, it makes the most out of not having a specific story and more than 1 setting, and more importantly: at its highest point in the jokes department. 10/10


Dead Inspector
Nov 2, 2013
After some experimenting, I finally came to the realization that this is officially my favorite SpongeBob episode of all-time. And no, I will not change my opinion anymore. I had Dying for Pie, Chocolate with Nuts, Idiot Box, Band Geeks, SB-129, Something Smells, Just One Bite, Big Pink Loser, Christmas Who?, Wet Painters, etc., as some of my biggest favorites. These are some very excellent epusode, but I think this episode beats all of those episodes. Why? Let's talk about the plot. Well, not much of a plot or a story, but that makes it so unique. It's all about the Krusty Krab in general. Everything that's inside the fast food restaurant, the environment and other minor stuff. This episode has a unique concept. The execution is excellent. The way the episode starts is wonderful. The music in the beginning is just excellent and very memorable to hear. The narrator felt very fitting for this episode as well, especially with "Welcome Aboard!"
The plot in general was just creative. The humor was very memorable. The characters were extremely in character and had some really interesting and funny parts. I liked how SpongeBob was asking the narrator if he can make a Krabby Patty, but rejects him. It was very funny and it didn't feel repetitive at all. The sofa, the expensive haircut and patty joke was funny too. I loved the zoomed in version of the Krabby Patty as well. The People Order Our Patties joke was hilarious too. Patrick was hilarious in this episode too. He thought that the narrator was a ghost and believed that the ceiling was talking rather than a narrator, which shows that his stupidity was very funny and interesting back then. Squidward getting mad and annoyed was great and the other part where he sleeps in the cashier stance and a full of mess made me laugh. Remember, no employee wants to be a Squidward! I also liked the part where SpongeBob cared about personal hygiene and when he was washing his hands and made them disappear. Although Plankton wasn't a major focus on this episode, he really played an interesting role here. He tried to steal it, but he failed... again. He only appeared in like a minute or two of the episode. This actually felt like an episode that should be well-like by any single person. It's very enjoyable to much, a lot of comedy/humor and it explains the aspects for a Krusty Krab employee as well. Also, anything else to say? Oh yeah, the Hoopla Fish. The fish who was yelling Hoopla! for like 10 seconds (at the maximum) and later somebody throws a brick at him, which is genuinely interesting. I really loved this episode and finally decided this to be my favorite SpongeBob episode of all-time, because it felt really different and it was amusing and enjoyable to watch. It's also very easy to remember this episode. This excellent piece of animation is also one of the best things in the 2000's decade era of animation as well. There are probably better stuff, but this episode is absolutely golden.
Nov 10, 2017
United States
Great episode. I think that this episode has some really funny moments, while also telling a great story. It's very different from other SpongeBob episodes, but I think it works really well. And apparently, so does everyone else.

Ranking so far:
1. Snowball Effect (A+)
2. Wet Painters (A+)
3. Krusty Krab Training Video (A+)
4. Can You Spare A Dime? (A+)
5. Idiot Box (A+)
6. Just One Bite (A)
7. No Weenies Allowed (A)
8. Nasty Patty (A)
9. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy IV (A)
10. Rock-A-Bye Bivalve (B)
11. The Bully (B)
12. Doing Time (B)
13. Squilliam Returns (B)
14. The Algae's Always Greener (B)
15. Krab Borg (B)
16. One Krab's Trash (B)
17. My Pretty Seahorse (C)
18. Club SpongeBob (C)
19. SpongeGuard on Duty (C)
20. As Seen On TV (D)
Jun 25, 2018
One of my favorite Season 3 episode, a great classic and very differents from the other Spongebob episodes.



Unrecognized Talent
Oct 3, 2018
One of the highest points of the series, and I think this definently has to be in my top 5. Lots of funny gags, word- based humor, as well as visual humor.9.5/10


Moby Dollar
May 13, 2020
Weenie Hut Jr's.
This is my second favorite Spongebob episode of all time, and it's really not that hard to see why. The format is really unique, there are tons of great jokes and memorable moments, and the episode overall is just very enjoyable and engaging to watch. But I didn't really need to tell you that though did I? Just looking at how other people feel about this episode basically speaks for itself.

Perfect episode (10/10)

1. Krusty Krab Training Video (10)

2. Idiot Box (10)
3. Wet Painters (9)
4. The Algae's Always Greener (9)
5. Snowball Effect (9)
6. Can You Spare A Dime? (9)
7. Rock-A-Bye Bivalve (9)
8. Just One Bite (9)
9. Krab Borg (9)
10. As Seen On Tv (8)
11. One Krabs Trash (8)
12. Nasty Patty (8)
13. No Weenies Allowed (8)
14. My Pretty Seahorse (7)
15. Squilliam Returns (7)
16. Mermaidman and Barnacleboy IV (7)
17. The Bully (7)
18. Doing Time (7)
19. Spongeguard on Duty (6)
20. Club Spongebob (6)