50b. Krusty Krab Training Video


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Everything was amazing in this episode and is considers to be my 3rd favorite Season 3 episode, after Chocolate With Nuts and Idiot Box. Some parts of breaking the fourth-wall were weird, but overall it's good. People Order Our Patties was hilarious, but before the Narrator said it, I thought it was a dirty joke. Actually, I meant the abbreviation of People Order Our Patties. 10/10.


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really great. this is why i love season 3. it has hilarious jokes




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This is the first episode I remember seeing, and my favorite, too!


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One of the most memorable of the show, and my 6th favorite episode of all-time. 10/10.


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I've seen this episode so many times that now I don't really care for it. Squidward banging his head with the cash register still gets me every time and there's still a lot of great gags and this concept is excellent as well as the execution so I'll give it a 9/10


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I wish all jobs had videos like this for employers :V

FUN. This episode is so fun, there's no way to not laugh at it...


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Season: 3

Episode: Krusty Krab Training Video

This episode was great. The plot was pretty good. There were many funny jokes. 9/10

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One of the funniest episodes of Season 3, without a doubt! Also,Patrick annoying Squidward is my favorite part! 10/10


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This episode was quite different to other episodes, but I really enjoyed it! :D


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Fun fact: Aaron Springer and C.H. Greenblatt were both credited as storyboard directors on this episode (the first and only time this happened), while Caleb Meurer was the episode's storyboard artist.

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Funny episode... little too overrated to consider as a favorite, but it's still pretty monumental in my SpongeBob episode book and it's really good. Lots of famous jokes, puns, and silly stuff everywhere throughout, even for its' type. There. I said it.



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This is an episode that is very different and unique from any episode. Rather than a (mis)adventure with SpongeBob and gang, we get to see how new employees at the Krusty Krab are trained (not that there will be any new employees). But nonetheless, this episode is fantastic (10th favorite episode all time). The humor is great. The narration is funny as well. Instant recommendation. 10/10