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5 Second Rule Changed


Whud up? - 14 year old me
I never used the 5 second rule anyways. It's disgusting. If it drops on the floor, THROW IT AWAY!

DJ Sponge

Future Miss Universe
I never really followed the five second rule either. Unless the floor was REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY clean.

Which was never.


Staff member
Awesome. That's good to know for all the time's I broke the 5 second rule. :squidx: Of course, it's not people should take that long to pick something up, either.


New Member
Didn't they find that out like a year ago on Mythbusters?
Well since it's official now I'll start eating food I drop on the ground within five seconds :devil:


Abney=last name
Staff member
5 seconds in a non-flushed public toilet rule! :devil:

I don't think you should eat off the ground...


SpongeMario! :P
we don't use a second rule,we just pick up the food off the ground,throw it away,and get another one. O_o

although I used the 2 second rule,if I dropped something,i would pick it up and eat it quickly before anyone notices.

what you can do is put a clean towel on the ground below you when you eat,in that way,if you drop a peice of food,it'll be okay to pick it up again and eat it up to over five minutes.