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49b. Rock-A-Bye Bivalve

Mar 2, 2014
This is my FAVORITE episode of the entire series! ^_^

I think that the episode is a VERY FUNNY episode and is just completely awesome and cute and ect throughout the whole episode.

I love: the beginning with SpongeBob playing with the rubber band/entertainment section, that whole "What did you say?" and "Oh but it is you that is messing with me" scene, the "It's a baby scallop! I'll take care of this!" scene, that whole feeding scene, the line "It's the best seat in the house" with Gary's drumroll, the "Look at the funny face!" scene (which by the way looks way better on a standard "box" TV than a flat sceen HD TV, because you can't see the side of SpongeBob's head), the "If I was a mom, this would be kinda shocking" scene, the whole montage which is really cute and just plain awesome and nice, the hilarious "math" equation, SpongeBob and Patrick's chat about parenting being fun, Patrick's huge breakfast, the MASSIVE amount of chores SpongeBob had to do to raise Junior, Patrick's coconut TV show, the succession of timecards such as "Tommorow For Sure" and "Uhhh...", SpongeBob arguing with Patrick, SpongeBob showing Patrick the INSANELY LARGE amount of diapers he had to change and where he had to put them and when he says "Hmmm!!!", Patrick seeming like he's going to be a better dad, the whole 6' o clock scene with that hilarious repetition, followed by the 12:00 Midnight time card, SpongeBob getting angry at Patrick and tapping his foot, the fact that Patrick forgot about giving SpongeBob a day off, the way SpongeBob mocks Patrick by saying "You can take the night off, pal", when we find out that Patrick's work is just him watching TV all day, Patrick's excuses for his "hard work", SpongeBob saying "Oh you poor poor thing", what was inside Patrick's briefcase, SpongeBob angrily dropping Patrick's "briefcase contents", Patrick's quote: "Oh so this is the thanks I get for working overtime", then SpongeBob yelling "OVERTIME!!!!" with his hilarious creepy looking face and teeth, then some more funny arguing, SpongeBob and Patrick trying to save Junior, then finding out that Junior can now fly, the pretty poignant ending, and that funny line at the end with SpongeBob being shocked considering Patrick did almost nothing to raise Junior and now he wants to raise another baby! That right there was me summing up why I love this episode.

It is really funny, and SpongeBob was pretty intelligent and likable in this episode, and I love the fact that he can successfully raise a child all by himself despite all he went through. And every since I saw this episode, I loved it, and I still do really love it.
Feb 26, 2015
I'm watching this episode right now for the first time in years.
I forgot how great it was xD Thoroughly enjoying it.

"This is the thanks I get for working overtime?"


This episode is probably the reason I started shipping as hard as I do...
One of my favourite episodes.


Moby Dollar
Aug 8, 2013
Season: 3

Episode: Rock-A-Bye Bivalve

This episode was great. The plot was really creative and fun. There were many funny jokes. 9/10


Crazy Artist
Feb 18, 2015
SpongeBob's bed
Great episode, fun, really fun. I always laugh watching this episode.

The only problem about this episode it's because it started PatBob XD
Nothing against this couple today(I used to hate it, today I don't care anymore).


420 Bl4ze it
Feb 23, 2014
Very underrated. It's a different episode with jokes that work. This episode gets better when you're older and understand the concept of a mother and a father. Even if I'm still a teenager. 8.5/10

Honest Slug

Ink Lemonade hurts me.
Nov 21, 2015
Every place Squidward's School for Grown Ups was abysmal at was great here. One of my favorites (P.S. the controversy is hilariously stupid)



random gal
Jul 9, 2014
Really, really BORING episode..The plot was weird and there were some funny quotes and moments but everything else was meh and boring...the ending was really bad, didn't quite enjoy that lack of dark humour and my favourite scene was when Patrick saw that coconut scene, his laugh was amazing, 5.5/10
Nov 10, 2017
United States
Cute episode. I don't think it's fantastic, but it's very heartwarming, and the jokes here excel quite a lot.

Ranking so far:
1. Snowball Effect (A+)
2. Can You Spare A Dime? (A+)
3. Idiot Box (A+)
4. Just One Bite (A)
5. No Weenies Allowed (A)
6. Nasty Patty (A)
7. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy IV (A)
8. Rock-A-Bye Bivalve (B)
9. The Bully (B)
10. Doing Time (B)
11. Squilliam Returns (B)
12. The Algae's Always Greener (B)
13. Krab Borg (B)
14. One Krab's Trash (B)
15. My Pretty Seahorse (C)
16. Club SpongeBob (C)
17. SpongeGuard on Duty (C)
18. As Seen On TV (D)


Moby Dollar
May 13, 2020
Weenie Hut Jr's.
A very cute episode. The first half is just okay, but the second half is just amazing. The way Spongebob and Patrick interact with each other is just hilarious to me here. I also really love the ending.

Great episode (9/10)

1. Idiot Box (10)
2. The Algae's Always Greener (9)
3. Snowball Effect (9)
4. Can You Spare A Dime? (9)
5. Rock-A-Bye Bivalve (9)
6. Just One Bite (9)
7. Krab Borg (9)
8. As Seen On Tv (8)
9. One Krabs Trash (8)
10. Nasty Patty (8)
11. No Weenies Allowed (8)
12. My Pretty Seahorse (7)
13. Squilliam Returns (7)
14. Mermaidman and Barnacleboy IV (7)
15. The Bully (7)
16. Doing Time (7)
17. Spongeguard on Duty (6)
18. Club Spongebob (6)