49a. Krab Borg


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Apr 3, 2005

SpongeBob: (runs over to the phone) Hello, Operator? Get me the navy!
Operator: Hello, you've reached the Navy's automated phone service.
SpongeBob: Squidward, the robots are running the Navy!
Squidward: Not the Navy!
Funny! The robot part at the beginning is kinda strange though, and used to scare me when I was little :huh: Anyways, the rating I'd give this is 8/10
Haha, this was funny AND it taught me the word interrogate. :D
It was a hilarious episode still haven't seen it in a long time though! 8/10
This is a hilarious episode. One of my favorites from the season, it has a great plot that rips off Imitation Krabs, and many hilarious jokes and here too.
This is one of my favorite episodes, and I think it doesn't get enough attention. I love episodes where Squidward gets sucked into SpongeBob's antics and then ends up taking it too far, it makes for some hilarious moments. Plus, I've always adored the SpongeBob-Squidward dynamic, I think they have the funniest and most interesting dynamic on the show (although post-movie has ruined it a little), and I really like what this episode does with it.
This episode was very hilarious and It's another excellent season 3 episode. This episode also reminds me of Imitation Krabs. There were many good jokes in this episode. Also am I the only one who think this is a Mr. Krabs abuse episode because Mr. Krabs gets tortured in this episode. To be honest, Mr. Krabs abuse didn't bother me much because I hate Mr. Krabs so much. Squidward breaking Mr. Krabs' stuffs was very funny. I rate this episode 10/10
:mrkrabs:It has a great plot and great jokes! It is funny and the ending is soooo funny! Although, Squidward believes SpongeBob too quick...
Krab Borg is just plain hilarious!

What color is my underwear?
The robots have taken over the navy!

And many more add so much humor. I believe this was also the first episode I ever saw, and as of right now is on my top 15.

I prefer this episode over Imitation Krabs actually, the "scary movie" at the beginning was funny and when Spongebob dreamt of the movie was relatable. It was a bit obvious why Spongebob would just run off at the end. Let's GET THAT POOP!!


Also, that title card.
i love the part where mr krabs got salt in his eyes

Season: 3

Episode: Krab Borg

This episode was great. The plot was really creative. There were many funny jokes. 9/10
This episode is funny! Really.
No way to not laugh at this episode.
"Ravioli Ravioli, gimme the formuoli"

It's fun to see Squidward helping SpongeBob "torture" Krabs
And in the end SpongeBob just leave Squidward by himself... poor Squidward XD

I'm pretty sure Sir Pinch-a-lot came from this episode lol
Another good Season 3 episode. This may not be the best of them, but it was coupled with great jokes and an expanse of interesting plot. "Why couldn't the 11-year-old get into the pirate movie?"... :P 8.5/10
Not the best of S3, but it was still very good. A simple, but humorous plot that really worked.