46a. Snowball Effect


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Another one of those awesome episodes like the Paper, where Squidward gets carried away with something SpongeBob was doing. I've always dreamed of building a great snow fort like Squidward's.. but he's just too good haha
The slomo of SpongeBob shooting snowballs into Patrick's mouth is really funny


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Pretty good episode. Squidward was funny. He became obsessed with making forts. And when SpongeBob shot the snowballs at Patrick: priceless. 8/10

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Amazing episode. I loved Patrick's attempts to make a snowball, which resulted in a square and a double-helix. :rofl: I loved how Squidward joined in, and his interactions with the two barnacle heads were comic gold. :lol: The ending was also great, and reminded me of the ending to "Idiot Box." All in all, everything about this episode was hilarious. Classic Season 3 Episode. I would give it a 10/10.


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It was a great episode but thing is wouldn't the sea become frozen instead of snow? But it never has logic. 8/10


This is an amazing episode. Such a simple plot, with really good execution. I just loved it.
One of the best season 3 episodes and It's one of my favorite SpongeBob episodes. It was entertaining and funny. Plankton's cameo in this episode really made me laugh SpongeBob pretending to be Mr. Krabs was also funny. SpongeBob and Patrick signing a peace treaty was very funny. The ending also made me laugh. 10/10


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I love this episode. The snowball fight was awesome, the plot was great, the characters were funny, but I haven't seen this episode for years, so I will watch it once again. 10/10
I liked seeing Squidward go crazy. It'd be an 8.5 but due to the cameos of Mrs. Puff and especially Plankton's: "I WISH TO RULE YOU!"
make it a 9/10 for me.


I really regret not putting this on my original top thirty. Anyways this is such a funny and lovable episode, and I think it was one of the many key episodes that made the show great.



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This, is like the third best episode to see during winter. The DNA snowball joke was particularly funny. I can't find anything bad here, 10/10


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Season: 3

Episode: Snowball Effect

This episode was amazing. It's one of my favorite pre movie episodes. The plot was simple, but unique. There were many funny jokes. 10/10