42b. My Pretty Seahorse


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Too me, this is a underrated classic. The part where Scooter is looking for the "coin slot" is one of the most hilarious SpongeBob moments ever. Now that I think about it... Scooter gets killed a lot
"Hey.. who left this bowl of onions here?"

And of course, how could we forget this is where the great gif of Patrick walking into the door with a board nailed to his head came from.


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And of course, how could we forget this is where the great gif of Patrick walking into the door with a board nailed to his head came from.


Haven't seen this in SO long! Definitely putting this on record for when it's next on.


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This episode is VERY underrated. It's hardly ever shown! It has interesting humor, and I like the way SpongeBob protects Mystery. Solid 10/10



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Definitely underrated. The ending has the spotlight, but there were many other funny moments, and this has a pretty good plot.


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This episode is kind of funny, but I'm not crazy about it. I think it had a lot more potential.

I do love that coin slot joke, though. I love it when the writers slip in dirty jokes. :hehe:

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Very underrated. I actually love this episode so much and It's better than It's partner, Club SpongeBob in my opinon. This episode was really funny. I think Squidward was the best chracter in this episode. There were many funny parts in this episode like Squidward saying "Good morning, flowers" and then flowers hiss at him, Squidward exploding, SpongeBob's seahorse eating many stuffs, Mr. Krabs rubing the eyes, the running gag with Squidward crying because of onions, Squidwars saying the seahorse ate all of Mr. Krabs's Money and the ending. It's another classic season 3 episode. 10/10


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If I were to make my own top 117 PRE-MOVIE episodes, this would be in the 30s-40s. It's an episode that makes me laugh (very hard at some points) but I don't really feel like it's top 30 worthy. The Secret Box, Frankendoodle, Your Shoe's Untied, Patty Hype, and Survival Of The Idiots are all like this for me: It's a very funny classic, but it's... it's not forgettable, it's just an episode that I think is very funny, but they also just don't exactly make it very high on my list for some reason. Does that make sense?


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Some people dislike this episode...a lot! I like it, it's very interesting and funny! I don't understand why people hate it so much. Okay, it's not my favorite episode, but it had jokes and a good plot and Mystery was funny. So, it's not bad....it's not the best....but it is something special!

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Tom: And where's Old Man Jenkins?
OMJ: I didn't mean to be a burden.
Me: 9/10 for great episodes with humor. Especially the onions gag.


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An underrated Season 3 episode. This is an amazing episode and I find the onion gag hilarious and everyone was in character. Patrick with the board in his head was hilarious as well. Squidward was great in this episode and so were SpongeBob and Mystery. Mr. Krabs was okay in this episode. 10/10


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Season: 3

Episode: My Pretty Seahorse

This episode was good. I liked Mystery. It had pretty good jokes. 8.5/10

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Very funny episode, and sweet, in a way. Some funny jokes. (the coin slot and "Hey! Who left this bowl of onions here?!!", especially) And who could forget Patrick with a board on his head?