42a. Club Spongebob


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Alright but not the best, The magic conch is great, the ending is good, but everything else is either boring or mean.



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Very good episode and the only complaint is the beginning with 2 minutes of filler. After that everything is great. Nothing is bad afterwards so it gets a 9/10 GOLDEN episode.



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Pretty overrated. This episode just bored me honestly. Yeah the Magic Conch was funny, but the rest of the episode was just boring to me, so I don't have much to say about it.

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I don’t like this episode much. It has funny jokes, Don’t get me wrong but it just feels so mean to Squidward. Though, this episode is better then Pineapple Fever.


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Great, classic episode that I appreciate more looking back on. I know some people don't like it because they feel Squidward didn't deserve the torment he got, but I disagree. There are times where "Squid abuse" is annoying and falls flat on its face, but this is not one of those times. Squidward acted extremely arrogant towards Spongebob and Patrick throughout, and even after they accepted him again despite how much he mocked them, all he cared about was getting a cut of the food he mocked them for believing would come. Not to mention the fact that almost every joke in this episode is killer. 😆