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42a. Club Spongebob


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I don't really like this episode. Sure, it had the beginning, and the Magic Conch Shell, but this episode just didn't work out well for me, not to mention the Squidward abuse. Plus, it's a bit too overrated. 4/10
christmasisawesome22 said:
I'm starting to think about it. After awhile, I kind of regret saying it's my least favorite season 3 episode. If you think about it, there are a lot of funny gags.
Yeah, my disliking for this episode is completely out the window. It's in my top 75.

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I think it's a funny episode but I actually avoid it now because I feel bad for Squid, and Sponge is just being extra stupid and mean. I don't like that he just refuses to allow Squid to eat. I could understand Patrick doing that because he can really be a dummy and a jerk sometimes, but Spongebob is supposed to actually have a heart. He's an asshole in this episode.


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Season: 3

Episode: Club Spongebob

This episode is awesome. The Squid abuse was funny and deserved. I liked the magic conch shell. 9/10
I highly disagree with people who thinks Squidward deserves the abuse in Club SpongeBob. Of coarse, he is the reason why himself, SpongeBob and Patrick got stuck in the forest and he laughed at SpongeBob and Patrick doing nothing but did he really deserve to get started to death?


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I don't know why this episode was in my Top 10. This episode is one of the most overrated episodes in the show. I DON'T find the Squidward Abuse funny in this episode. I don't care if this is a pre-movie episode that shows Squidward Abuse, because the abuse is almost as that from post-movie. The Magic Conch Shell doesn't let Squidward to eat something? Staying on the forest and without eating something is just terrible. I felt bad for Squidward in this episode, but this episode has some funny parts. The best parts were SpongeBob and Patrick doing nothing and the ending. The beginning was good though. The eating part and the Magic Conch Shell quotes (except when it said "No" to Squidward) were also funny.


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Just like That Sinking Feeling and Buried In Time, it's Squid abuse done right. I feel like they do it more correctly here. If Squidward just ignored SB and Oats stupid club, he wouldn't have gotten into this mess. Squid does anyways because he's stupid. 8/10


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Another great episode from the golden era of SB. This episode, had it been produced in later seasons, would've made this a non-stop Squidward torture-fest in the vein of 'Good Neighbors', but the setup is perfect. SB and Patrick are joking around with Squidward, saying that he can't join their club, and of course Squidward's ego simply won't have that. So he literally forces himself into the club, and they end up getting thrown out into the middle of nowhere. Their methods of survival are hilariously opposite: Squidward is distraught at the idea of being lost, especially with those two morons, but later tries practical ways of surviving. Meanwhile, SB and Patrick depend on a 'magic' conch shell to guide them, even if it tells them to do nothing. The whole episode is funny, and has one of it's famous surprise, cliffhanger endings. Do they end up getting back home after all? Of course they do, or there wouldn't have been a show after that.



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Ink Lemonade hurts me.
One of the funniest episodes with a solid reason for the stupidity. Take notes Giant Squidward an Tentacle-Vision!

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I know some people don't like this because of the Squidward abuse, but I feel like it works here well.
It's a good episode.



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There are a lot of people considering this as a BRILLIANT episode , and the others say that it is overrated...well I am one of the persons that consider it as a brilliant episode, it was my favourite episode in 2011-2012 and I still love it, it was so good with funny quotes and the squid abuse worked well FOR ME , IMO a deservable 10/10 ! :)