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Wait what?

First off, how does he freely choose to go to the forest? He is flung there against his will.
Second of all, the sheer fact that the Magic Conch doesn't allow him to eat anything IS abuse to him. The injustice of it showcases Squidward's bad luck, and a bad thing unfairly happens to him. THAT'S SQUIDWARD ABUSE! Bad things happening to him is Squidward abuse, bad luck that harms him is Squidward abuse on the writer's part, it doesn't just have to involve SpongeBob and Patrick doing it.
You can defend that you somehow find it funny, but the abuse is a 100% fact.
Well, I disagree with that part. Spongebob and Patrick straight-out told him that he couldn't get into their treehouse, and Squidward climbed up there anyways just to defy them, and then when he climbed back out, he's the one who broke the vine holding their treehouse, thereby flinging them into the forest.


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I really liked this episode. My favorite part was the Magic Conch Shell. I would give this episode a 10/10.


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One of the many amazing season 3 episodes... the magic conch shell is so awesome.. Squidward is really good in this one too
"... yeah like that'll happen. Right after I consult the magic toenail."

:O Squidward! Are you questioning the authority of the magic conch?


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Funny episode, but not my favorite. Probably because I've seen it a lot, and the forest part is funny but a little boring. 7/10.


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Not a favorite of mine, but still funny and good in its own merits. I used to say "Widward works at the Wusty Wab" with my friends a lot.

9|10 Overall


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This episode is decent. Although it didn't have as many quotes as some of the other SpongeBob episodes, it had the magic conch, which was awesome. About the abuse, I agree that if this episode was post-movie, it would get so much Squidward abuse rant. The truth is, this episode has abuse either way. It was funny, though. 5/10


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I used to feel this episode was overrated... I gained a bit of respect for it over the years though. I never really enjoyed it myself though, so I'd rate it 3/10 or 2/5.


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One of the very few episodes where I let Squid Abuse slide... sort of. I still have to deduct a few points because of it, but it doesn't ruin the episode for me completely. It's still pretty funny.


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This deserves band geeks slot as most overated s1-3 episode
Because band geeks had a load of funny parts which is why to me it's not overatted
This on the other hand has no good humor and one of the few s1-3 episodes that messed up squidward torture like quite a bit of new episodes

I change my mind 0/10 this is god awful giving it a five was a disgrace


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The Squid abuse in this one was funny. I can't point out why I like this one, I just sort of do. 8.5/10. But, yes, it is overrated.

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I'm starting to think about it. After awhile, I kind of regret saying it's my least favorite season 3 episode. If you think about it, there are a lot of funny gags.

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Like MMM said, This episode is very overrated. I really hated Squid abuse in this episode and in my opinion SpongeBob and Patrick wasn't good in this episode but this episode was funny. Some parts made me laugh like the most of magic conch's lines, SpongeBob and Patrick doing nothing, the bug hitting Squidward with the stick, SpongeBob and Patrick eating too much food and the ending. I think many people will like me more than me but I don't recommend this episode to people who can't stand Squid abuse. 9/10


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This episode is a bit overrated, but awesome. I find the Magic Conch Shell quotes funny. I don't get how the Magic Conch Shell didn't let Squidward to eat the food. Well, I thought it was a Squid Abuse episode.

Overall: 10/10