40b. Squid on Strike

Jul 10, 2011

In the "SpongeBob" episode, "Squid on Strike", SpongeBob and Squidward goes on strike for better benefits, treatment, and more respect. Remember that episode?
Of course. The episode was pretty darn funny, especially with the picket signs.

"Not a picket fence, you ding-dong, picket sign!"

"How about this?" *insert image of a picket sign of a man picking his nose here*
Ah, one of the many classics from Season 2. :) Loved the ending. :P
I love this episode. Best part is when Spongebob tells Mr. Krabs they're going on strike, then cut to:

"You didn't tell me we would get fired!"


Poor guy.
Loved this episode! Had a lot of funny moments!

:squidx: (on megaphone) Attention citizens of Bikini Bottom! You have been cheated and lied to.

Old woman: I knew it! (slaps her husband)
A hilarous episode where SpongeBob and Squid go on strike, how could you not love the idea? :patx: SpongeBob tries to be a striker, but he's just to darn nice. I really like this episode 7.8/10
LOL from when Spongebob just completely demolishes the Krusty Krab overnight and Squidward's stuttering reaction to the destruction. xD
VERY humorous. Also, underrated. I like the fact that Squidward acted like he's done this a million times. 9/10
UNDERRATED. It was refreshing to see SB not kiss the Krusty Krab's arse for once. or at least try to
It was pretty good episode SB was showing his dumb side in this one but its still what makes it funny!
This episode was hilarious. I liked the plot, and there many very funny jokes.
This episode is so underrated. It's hilarious, and I love how SpongeBob is just too innocent to be an effective striker. How did Squidward get so good at striking anyway? Hm...
I don't know why, but this, "Just One Bite", and "Squid's Day Off" all feel very alike in many ways.
This episode is great! I always laugh when it shows SpongeBob's big hat! (I think it's this episode with the big hat) FUNNY!
I honestly like the creativity of this episode. Oh and SpongeBob at the end was out of character, but definitely in a great way! 9.5/10 episode.
What a great idea for an episode! Nothing like seeing employees standing up for themselves. SpongeBob, however, was a terrible striker, according to Squidward. Mr. Krabs should thank him lots. :P It had a good twist at the end, with SpongeBob really feeling inspired by Squidward's strikes, ends up going FURTHER than Squidward.