4 Years Ago


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Was a long time ago.

But it went by pretty fast.

Thanks to everyone for being here to celebrate our 4th Birthday wtih us. :happybday:

As per usual, we will get the Awards going with the nominations as soon as we finalize the categories.

Also, you can expect the forums to be updated by this weekend and some extra stuff to be added to the site.


Also also, I hope everyone enjoyed our April Fool's prank. O_o



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What was your April Fools prank?
Yayyy! That means soon will be the 4th birthday of the day I joined!
And... Happy Birthday Spongebuddy!!!!! :p


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Gosh, I remember the first time I came here. I clicked through a link, because it was April 2005. You guys had just done the Aku prank. I posted that post to NickDisk. The rest is history.

Happy Birthday SpongeBuddy and SpongeBob Mania! I hope you do something big for your 5th birthday though. Please? O_o


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I wish i was here 4 years ago. But we didn't have internet. I didn't know how to work the internet at age 9.



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I wasn't even living in here 4 years ago, and I barely knew about spongebob by then, but I'm glad that this site have been a successful success for so long! and more to come!

Happy b-day SBmania!


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I'm sure we'll have something big for our 5th bday. :sandyx:

The prank was demoting SuperSayianSpongeBob... :ninja: