32a. Pressure


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Here we can discuss the season 2 episode Pressure.
Sandy is laughed at because she is a land creature, and in an attempt to prove land creatures' superiority over sea creatures, challenges them to stay above the surface for at least a minute.
This is a great episode, but I think it's very under appreciated. I rarely see it aired on TV, and it's never referenced or quoted. Not only is it a very creative original storyline, but there's a lot of really funny parts. For example: "Sandy's a girl?!" or "Three cheers for feeling sorry for ourselves!"
How do you guys like this episode?


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Yep, it's great. Los of good one-liners from this episode. And probably the best of the scenes where the characters go above water.

Squidward being upsidedown at the end is also underrated. :p


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Haha love the bit at the end where they go, hip hip hooray, hip hip hip hooray, hip hip (cut to seagulls) (deadpan) HOORAY.


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Meh episode now, but used to liked it when I was younger. Funniest line was Patrick's "Sandy's a girl?" I did liked the main characters at the island. 6/10



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This episode didn't get me as much of a vibe as its sister episode did, but I still enjoyed it. Sandy was kind of treated poorly, but I loved why the sea creatures thought they were so amazing. Air head! What else? Well, I just have to put in how much I loved Squidward's oversea nose. :xD:

7.3/10 :)



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I love the land vs. water debate, and I actually wish this would be touched upon agan.



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This was a great episode. I really like the plot, and the jokes were really hilarious. Though, I can't side with the land critters or the water critters. It's really hard to decide.

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One of my favorite episodes when I was younger, still is now. I like how it has a Lesson at the end. I love the characters, settings, etc.


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This is an AWESOME episode. Better then Band Geeks, IMO. How is it so underrated?!?!?! 9.927463458435908435767847569045768/10



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BarnacleMan said:
How is it so underrated?!?!?!
Give this man a lollipop for pointing that out. I saw it voted #19th worst somewhere. No joke.


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Rocko's Milkmaid said:
Give this man a lollipop for pointing that out. I saw it voted #19th worst somewhere. No joke.
... What.

This is one of my favorite episodes. Hilarious jokes, a great plot, and fantastic replay value. It's one of those episodes that I can watch over and over again without getting tired of it. I kind of wish they'd make another episode with a land vs. water debate.